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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

America is getting Scrooged.

Every year, as we get near Christmas on multiple channels and many times, is the classic a Christmas Carol.   The story has been bit different ways from perspectives.  The ghosts of Christmas past present and future took on different formats and acted in different ways.

However, central to the character of Scrooge in the story is someone who was all about business and the bottom line and dollars, and that's why he was making a man with an injured son and depressed family work on Christmas day.

I feel that America is getting royally screwed right now in the health care debate. You have one party that is all about the dollars and the bottom line and what they can afford (they specifically); and they explicitly are saying they don't want to pay for things that they themselves are not going to use.  They are saying they don't want to pay for women's health care, for example, if they are a man. They are saying that they don't want to pay for the health care of those who can't afford the benefits, which is kind of the point of giving at all.

In fact, that is kind of the point of health care coverage and insurance, in that no one is paying the full cost of their medical bills.  They are unable to afford them, and they are receiving help from other people. But, in this debate, we have an entire party that is saying they don't want to give their money to someone else who needs care, which is a cold and heartless thing to say and reminds me very much of Scrooge..

What makes matters worse? Is that the party that is doing this is proclaiming themselves to be "God's party."  Yes, God.. The one who fed the 5000 that was hungry and healed the sick has suddenly got in the business of being a banker saying we can't afford to help you please go away, so we can have a tax cut to build our new building.... It's gonna be HUGE.

Of course, that's not God, and this is not God's party. It's greed and selfishness and hate and the things that God himself warned us about.

It's time to call Congress and the President and remind them that a nation that has a soul must first have a heart.

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