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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Forward to Respect

The last few months have capped off my exit from a very selfish and destructive area... Tulsa, ok.

Now, I hear you saying that i should not judge an entire city, and i get it... I dislike people that do that, too... Like conservatives that judge those in California or New York.  Yet, all I can base my judgement on is my own experience.  So, let's talk about that experience, working backwards, of Tulsa and Oklahoma.

Today, I had to spend hours on the phone calling Uhaul, because after I used their truck two weeks ago for 4 hours and paid on the spot for it, i got another charge, today, for the additional costs of having the truck for 2 DAYS and paying late... Neither of which were true.  Yet, upon being informed of this...NO ONE wanted to take the responsibility of refunding the money.

The reason for having to use their truck in the first place is the next point... Leaving my Broken Arrow apartments, the Heights of Battlecreek.  To say this complex messes up some things is to give them undue credit.  The fact is things were always messed up.  In the time I lived there the gates were broken more than they were working, which was true of the washing machine at the complex, also.

But, that is just the tip of the iceberg.  They took 2 separate summers to come out 15 times each summer to "fix" the a/c and that would only stay fixed for a few weeks.  During Christmas day, last year, they put stickers on cars throughout the complex threatening to tow cars that had low tires.  However, we renewed our lease in January, which included a rent discount for renewal.  Yet, I noticed i was paying more.  So, I began inquiring and being told they were right.  So, I asked for a detail of my charges (they never sent receipts) and confirmed a few months into my renewed lease that we were being overcharged.

But, we stayed on there, till I got a job offer in Texas and gave them a 30 day notice.  Upon getting the notice, the apartments sent me a document with two choices... Either pay back your rent concession and 3 months rent or keep paying for the apartment till they got it rented out.  I chose the second option.  Yet... 1 week later and still within the month notice (we had not reached move out date) we were charged 4000 dollars.  Of course we could not afford that and had to rush out (thus the uhaul), leaving many of our things behind.  The apartments response..... Why did you leave?  I don't know... The 4k dollar bill? 

But, that lack of taking personal responsibility for screwing you is, unfortunately, common in Oklahoma, whether it be a uhaul or an apartments complex or a job where the managers take no time to learn the duties of the employees under them and assume no responsibility to train them but push all the blame for anything not done down on the least experienced people to handle advanced tasks affecting millions of dollars.  My time in Tulsa was working for two such companies... IBM and Sutherland Global Services.

But, my experiences are not limited to those.  Indeed, I also...

...had my sister that lived there break into my house and cart up my things to her house without asking me.  When I asked for my things and an apology, I got my things and a note that said "have a nice life"

...I had the preacher that was going to perform my wedding go onto my page on Facebook the week before my wedding on my birthday to post that he hoped i find Christ, even though I had told him days before that I not only was a believer but had a Bible degree.

...yet, that kind of careless response was not new to me from Oklahoma churches.  A few years ago, my daughter was in the hospital for pneumonia for a week.  I texted the church where i served as a greeter for a year... Lifechurch... To explain my daughter was in the hospital and that i would have to miss some services.  Yet, at no time did anyone visit that hospital, and upon my return, no one even brought it up in the volunteer circle prayer meeting.  But, that doesn't shock me that much, now looking back, because most Oklahoma mega churches are only going there for their own ego and concerts... The concept that they would have to actually CARE for the hurting would be a real downer for their mood.

But... Thank God we did get away from that place, and just a few weeks in Texas has already shown me people that are interested in your life and my new apartments were offering to SAVE me money, rather than see what they could take.

I find myself saying, "Oh yeah... This is what normal is like," and I look forward to very happy days, ahead.

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