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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

If You See Something, Say Something

I remember when I worked in Boston for a year that all along the subway and train stations was plastered the phrase "If you see something, say something." It was meant as a means to stop terrorists from terrorism in our midst.

Well, today, that is more important than ever but for catching terrorists from within our own industries and politics.  We have developed a system of homegrown bullies that feel it is their divine right and Destiny to gather to themselves by denying from others.

The fact is that there is a limited supply of money.  It is literally not possible to become richer than average without forcing others below average.  That is just basic math.  But, right now, we have an entire political party that is ADVERTISING their RICHES as the american dream and elected a President that is supposed to be qualified to manage the country, because he was able to overcharge and under cut his customers from what it actually cost him in order to make a huge profit on the backs of others.  And, the religious right says... Praise God.  Pass the collection plate for our new building.

It is time for this financial terrorism to stop and for those wronged to ... Say something. 

Speak up.  If you have been short changed, say it.  If someone is being unethical, report it.  If someone is being unfair, require them to have to publicly defend themselves.  Only those doing wrong ask for secrecy, and roaches love darkness.  It is time to shine more lights on abusers to the benefit of all.

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