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Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Path Forward to Happiness May Take a Few Dirt Roads

The Bible says..

"wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.  But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it."  Matt 7:13-14

....and that is the subject of this post.  Namely, that the path that leads to life will often not follow the well beaten paths taken by the masses but will follow the narrow dirt road few have taken.

This is a reality that I am well familiar with, and I have followed many an unpopular path over my days, from the choice to divorce a non empathetic user to cutting off my spoiled oldest daughter to teach her responsibility to, recently, walking away from a steady paycheck in an accounting job that was working for an unstable company with poor management...BEFORE I had another job lined up and moving my family across state lines to another job, before I had an apartment lined up or a financial cushion to absorb it.

However, one think I am very good at doing is planning, long term, and that requires a focus NOT on how you feel at the moment but looking ahead at how you would feel in a future time and planning backwards.  A result of this is that sometimes, you may ... for example... walk away from immediate financial stability, when you see that the job will lead to financial instability and employment history black marks for having stayed where you were.  Also, it makes it easier to be sleeping on an air mattress in a new apartment with most of your stuff a state away, if you can look around you and see all the framework in place for a VERY happy future, long term.

I like to do fitness, and anyone that has exercised understands this concept, because exercise is hard and may hurt in the short term.  However, it is an activity that leads, naturally, to a better you.  The same is true for any choice to step away from immediate stability, if it is a stability that does not lead to happiness.  You will lose that stability in the shot term, but it is ONLY from that risk and venture that you create the vacume for better choices to follow.

As has been the case for all of my choices to step away from negativity, you will find few supportive from the crowd of others that, themselves, choose stability over happiness, as well as a little jealousy.  But, then, you are not living your life for them, and they do not have to live your days following their advice.  The only one responsible for you is you.

So, step out from the crowd and take the path that leads to life, no matter how obscure and original it may be.  It is an adventure that will leave you with stories to inspire others on the journey, and adventure is the point of life.

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