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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

If Trump Really Was... Racist, Russian, Mobster, etc.. What Would He Be Doing Different?

I think the press and general society keep giving Trump a pass on many things, because they assume that he couldn't POSSIBLY be as bad as he is portrayed, and that is his excuse to be even worse.  The country needs to wake up and start asking a question, if he WAS ...any of those things..what would he be doing any differently?

For example, we are talking this week about Trump's words defending the White Nationalist violence against the public.  You know... running a car over groups of people they didn't like...the VERY same act that he declared as "terrorism" when it was done by a Muslim in UK but is justifiable in the US, because I guess..they are Christian and they victims deserved it?

So, the news of the day is that Trumps OWN business advisory councils made up of CEO's of businesses had resigned from his councils, after his words, citing BOTH racism and their lack of expectation that Trump will accomplish ANY positive change in business.  Get that?  We elected Trump to be President, because he was good at business, but his own BUSINESS leaders on his councils resigned saying he is a failure at getting anything accomplished.  So, why is he President, again?

But, to get back on point....the public seems to think that Trump couldn't possibly be a ...racist... fascist....Russian implant....sexually harrassing...gangster, even when he is defending acts of violence against blacks (who his justice department authorized police to abuse without repercussion), when he defends NAZI violence, when he gives Putin EVERYTHING he wants of America, when he says sexually harrassing statements of wives of heads of state, and when he encourages his followers to beat up his enemies and takes them out of office, himself.  Indeed, when he is under investigation, he fired THREE FBI directors that were investigating him and said the next one better not.  What exactly DOES it take for the public to GET IT?

So, just ask youself.  If Trump REALLY was not guilty of all of these things, why would he be acting against himself, and why are YOU more apt to believe the words of a liar than acts of one?  That just makes you an accomplice, and you will stand guilty of all that follows.

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