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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Imaginary "Gender" and Being "Natural"

I have a hobby of searching out family tree history, sometimes.  It is kinda pointless, because after all the months of searching out this family tree line, you conclude...yup, I was born and had parents who had parents and so on.  It doesn't change who YOU are at all.

However, I remember one thing from it that is applicable, here.  In one of my family tree lines, I saw that this generation of one family tree line was from "Tennessee" and the prior generation was from "Georgia."  I remember thinking ah..what caused them to move from this state to that state in those years, until I realized that it was the SAME TOWN, and my ancestors had not moved...the state line had moved.

This is a great examples of "gender" to me.  We, in this country in this time period, have the arrogance to say that THIS is what defines "men" and THAT is what defines "women" for all people of all times.  However, is that really true?

First, let's consider other cultures.  Over in Scotland, it is appropriate for men to wear skirts called kilts.  In Europe, it is appropriate for men to like the arts and be passionate about love, culture, cooking, and fashion.  Indeed, as we walk through department stores in America, you will find MEN names at the head of many women's purses, shoes, clothes, jewelry, and perfume....meaning that those men had CREATED the designs that women love...which would be hard to do if the men of those names didn't share the interests and designs.  I, recently, walked through the Dallas Museum of Art with my wife, and I was noticing what I already knew to be the case...we were looking at paintings of who not only liked the arts but DEFINED it to generations.

But, that is another time, and that is another point.  We arrogantly defined what it means to have specific genders upon our time period, when history betrays us.  Shakespeare is perhaps one of the greatest love and romance writers of all time, and he was a MAN.  All of his performers were MEN.  Indeed, for thousands of years, almost all theater performers were men, but we determine that those who do the arts, today, must be "feminine"...upon our current day definition of that word.  Also, if you are talking about the "feminine" characteristic of wearing jewelry, having hair done, and wearing makeup, I hate to disappoint you but, before the recent centuries, that was done by not only MEN but MEN of POWER.  Have you SEEN the gold that the Egyptian Pharaoh would wear or the robes....not calling them dresses..of the ROMAN Caesars and such?

Indeed, if you look at nature, you will see that this is actually common.  It is usually the MALE animal that is the most colorful or decorated, and the male lion has the mane, while the female lions were rather plane...and in fact the female would do the hunting.  Notice I said ANIMALS, also, because most plants are BOTH male and female in one plant.  So, when people are condemned by conservatives for not being "natural" by not being a male extreme or female extreme in our current definition of those words, they are actually being more true with NATURE than the conservative.

I think the problem is that our current age...and conservatives specifically...have a problem spectrums or the color gray.  They LOVE to speak in black and white and put people and things in boxes; however, they define those boxes by their prejudices and the center of the bell curve for that thing.  For those that don't know, a bell curve is a graphic tool that shows how, given the statistical sampling of how things are, they often fall into a curve that begins at the bottom, rises to a peak, and drops to a bottom, in a smooth line.  Then, conservatives take that center point and define EVERYTHING by the center point, even if that is not actually true.

So, like my geography lesson at the start of this, GENDER (just like race and party and religion) have had their definitions changed over time, and people that have lived in the same way and location without moving have found themselves defined DIFFERENTLY in a world of shifting perspectives.

If you are out there and you are feeling that you just don't fit into the bubbles that they have set for you, and you feel you must be strange or unnatural, just dismiss the critics.  The fact is that by being yourself you ARE NATURE, as nature created you.  Be yourself, like who you want, and follow your bliss.  Just FORGET gender definitions that always seem to change and are only created by those wishing to control and, instead, just fall in love with being yourself.  THAT is a path to happiness.

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