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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Labor Pains

It has been a busy and stressful couple of weeks, but I expected that it would be this way.  Women understand a concept, as relates to the birth of a child that I don't think tough guy men think about....labor pains.  This is directly applicable to where my family is in this moment.

Basically, labor pains happen after a period of expectation and before the new reality to come.  The woman has spent 9 months of preparation and expectation of waiting for things to change, and it has been accompanied by periods of difficulty or being uncomfortable.  Then, those periods increase to the point that something NEEDS to change, and the change happening takes over all attention and demands primary focus.

Thus begins the period of labor pains.  The woman, drawn into full focus on the coming reality, experiences intense waves of pain, until there is great joy at seeing the reality of their hope in their arms.

Similarly, I believe, the reality of my wife and I's lifestyle pregnancy started upon our marriage to each other and even before it.  As each month passed, we faced one element of the prior life falling away after another.  Things that USED to be important to us (just like a pregnant woman's previous party lifestyle) were not as important as the reality that is NOW before us, namely each other and the love that was standing in front of us on every date and event. 

Then, we got to this summer, and my career focus change provided us with the perfect focus change....step away from the past and into the future, and it has been a liberating experience.

Yes, we have DEFINITELY experienced difficulties in the last few months, from criminal behavior on the part of the apts we left to ex's to finding a new place to live and the expenses related to all that.  However, as these labor pains of change happened, we have found ourselves pulling closer to each other and more liberated to be longer required to be as people of the past wanted us to be but, now, ON OUR OWN away from controlling relatives and situations that defined us from our past, so we could define our future.

However, it is definitely good that those labor pains from the change are passing, and it is nice that we are FINALLY feeling the beginnings of the foundation of the new, ahead.  I am definitely looking forward to the days ahead, as we step out into the new realm of our own potential.  Full spead ahead.


  1. Whoa--I read that title and thought there was something Krisztina hasn't told us!


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