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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Let's Talk about Sex

And, now a blog about a very fun subject and a very fun act.... Sex. Some people shy away from controversial subjects, and that is fine.  However, it's kinda my signature... Saying what needs to be said by people staying quiet out of fear.  But, once you reach 40, the desire to please anyone's expectations of you goes out the door, as you realize you spent the first half of YOUR life living for others.

So, on to the subject at hand.  Sex.  This blog is about finding the path to happiness. Well for all of its critics, sex when used appropriately definitely bring happiness. In fact, I would call it an essential part of human existence in finding happiness. We are human beings in physical bodies. Those bodies have needs, and these bodies have senses that allow us to enjoy things or feel pain. Why should we restrict ourselves from all the good.

Now I'm not saying that people should run out and be whores or prostitutes.. Nor am I saying that any relationship should be based in sex or  sex with more than one is better. As with all good things, it can be abused.

However, lets be real. Everyone likes different things, sexually.  If you hold the belief that no one should be physical before marriage, then how are you going to know that you have anything other than a friendship on the other side? I believe that many divorces in this country today are caused not by early sex but by entering into relationships before they know who the other person really is and that includes sexually. I believe that many people follow this strict rules against being physical and spend plenty of time together and get to know each other on a strong friendship level.  Then, after the marriage, they are waiting for some spark to come in and bring passion and sex, when they have never lit the spark to begin with..only to find that all they really are is friends.

So I feel that it is important to be physical early and often in the relationship, before marriage and after marriage.

You can do it missionary..which is funny, because I don't know if anyone can picture a missionary having sex... Or you can do it doggy style or you can do it oral or you can do it with objects or masks or anything that your heart desires. Just do it the nike slogan goes. I guarantee you..if you do it will definitely be happy, and why shouldn't you be happy with the one that you love? When you get older, you'll wish you had those memories, instead of pleasing those who don't even know you exist.


  1. But that's where the term "missionary position" supposedly came from--seems a missionary couple had an audience without their knowledge.


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