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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Living in a Careless Culture

Over the course of the last week, I have had more personal examples (as well as seeing news examples) of something that I have said in the past in my blogs and feel it needs to be said, again.  A lot of people see what is happening on the national stage or see others short changing, mischarging, or just being unfair to them and take a defensive response to it, suggesting that they are being "attacked" by someone or something.  In rare cases, this is true....when someone truly wishes you harm and wants to maliciously make that happen to you.  However, most of the time it isn't their desire to do you harm that is the cause, it is JUST NOT CARING what happens to you.

In the course of my most recent move, I have had a couple examples of that, where someone double charged/ overcharged me or under paid me.  When pressed on it, they finally admitted that they had made a "error" but blamed others or defended themselves by saying it wasn't intentional.  That sounds very familiar.  When I used to deal with my ex (before I finally cut off communication), I used to hear that a LOT..."I didn't MEAN to do you wrong, I just didn't think about it" would be her defense...again and again and again over the same things.  That is the defense all of these type of people give...that it wasn't malicious only careless, as if that makes it all the better.

As I used to say to my daughter, if I carelessly hit someone with my car, they are still dead.  If I carelessly fail to pay a utility bill, they still shut off my power.  The fact that it is careless doesn't make it better, and I have suggested that it makes it worse, because they have failed to acknowledge you as a person, at all.  When someone intentionally does you wrong, they KNOW you deserve more and wish to deprive you of it.  However, when someone carelessly does you wrong, it means that each time it was done, they didn't CARE how it impacts you.

But, that is the culture we live in, and I think that how it gets political is when people intentionally put others in that state of mind, by keeping them in the fight or flight mentality of having an enemy.  Abraham Maslow created a Pyramid of Human Need in 1943 that has been a cornerstone of human psychology.  It states that if people do not have their physiological needs and safety needs met, they will not progress unto love or self actualization.

I believe that is what is happening with the segment that is currently supporting Trump, but it does not originate with him.  They are already prepped for him by way of conditioning in the church, which I will blog about in a few minutes and post to my magic blog for a spiritual / religious focus of this.  I believe that the Republican Party has realized this way of motivating others above their sense of ethics and empathy by keeping them in a constant state of FEAR ..with loud alerts by Fox News and speeches talking about the threat of Islamic terror on our country, when since 911 the rate of deaths by Islamic terrorism in the USA is one person per year (see a previous blog on this).  So, the sheep are being led by the shepherd out of fear of the imaginary wolf, much like the movie The Village, which I would recommend to anyone to see.

By keeping them in a state of fear about their safety (needing a WALL to shelter them is a great clue), they keep them from even THINKING about the loss of others.  So, when they tell them that we must cut the social aid programs or healthcare of the poor in order to fund PROTECTION from this threat, they have used Maslow to create the careless culture of which I speak.  It isn't that they WANT the poor to die or suffer, they have just been conditioned to JUST NOT CARE.

Obviously, we can't fix this by pointing it out to them or telling them to care.  Their minds are fixed in fear and stuck in the stage that prevents them from even USING logic or empathy.  All we can do is spead the message of love and questioning the imagined demons around the bend and reminding them that life can and is being lived in happiness by some.  Maybe, then, they will choose to step past fear into freedom.

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