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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Midwestern "values" from Experience

We hear a lot about "midwestern values," especially with the most recent election, but I think it needs to be explained what, exactly, that means, and who better to describe that than myself that grew up in the midwest and have spent most of my life over the decades, here.  So, here is a little about my own experience growing up in the midwest.

I moved to the state of Oklahoma in the 80s in 4th grade.  Most people don't like their experience growing up in schools, but I had a LOT to experience in my life in Oklahoma in that time that would set the foundation for what it means to be an Okie.  Of course, it began with my dad that had grown up, himself, in Oklahoma...and we had moved back to his home town, there.  Well, my dad's "midwest" values included whipping me with a belt at times, constantly scowling angrily in his chair at home...yelling at us if we even changed the channel before he was done with it.  He would NEVER say he loved me or congratulate me on my many accomplishments but, instead, would guilt me into going HUNTING with him or working on his construction site, neither of which I liked to do, telling me it was to toughen me up.  Then, there was my grandma that I recall standing on my front lawn and telling my mother that I was going to hell, because I was attending a Methodist church rather than her Church of Christ church.

School was definitely not a break from this kind of abuse, as I was picked on a LOT growing up, being called "4 eyes" or "thunder thighs" or being de-pantsed on the front lawn of the school.  Indeed, I remember riding to a baseball game, one time, and was woken up to find a starting player of the time holding his penis in front of me in the presence of the other players and asking me to suck it.  I didn't, and they just laughed, but that was the "values" that I lived, growing up. Don't think that boy was a crude nobody, either.  He was son of a public school teacher of a respected family in town.  As I entered high school, I hung out with my cousin a lot, who I think is a great guy.  I ended up spending more time at his house than my own.  He was starting pitcher on the baseball team, and he was classy and fun.  I learned a lot of my dressing style to impress the lady's from him, and I learned to appreciate rock music and horror movies at that house.  However, I did, also, experience my first pages of porn at his house among the other popular baseball playing guys.

But, don't think that was out of character for the midwest.  Indeed, as seen in the pic at the top of this post, I recall that the most popular shows was Dukes of Hazard (popular show about people running from cops), Porky's about people spying on naked ladies, the Best Little Whore House in Texas (played annually on the Oklahoma station), and of course....even to today watching the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.  Football's crushing of one another continues to be a leading "value" of Oklahoman's as well, as people side up with being a "Sooner" or "Cowboy" of state schools.  A sooner, by the way, is someone that broke the law of settlement.

From my own experience, I can tell you that midwestern values include drama at school bondfires, teenage pregnancy, judgement and condemnation of anyone that is different, bullying, fights, off-roading (illegal use of vehicles) on other people's property, killing animals in hunting that is not for food, drugs and alcohol use, pornography, and....then, proclaiming themselves morally superior to the rest of the nation that DIDN'T do these things in other parts of the country.

So, the next time that someone is preaching about midwestern values, I wanted you to know what that REALLY means and how they REALLY grew up.  It wasn't only in the recent as last year, my daughter was called a "baby killer" and attacked, just for supporting a democrat.  My experience is not moral superiority on the part of the midwest, but self imposed ignorance and abuse.  God help us from that kind of "morals."

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