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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Modern Class Warfare in America - Tulsa, Ok

I have decided to finally go forward with a post theme that I have been considering for a long time... modern class warfare in America.  For today's example, I will be using the location that I just moved away from - Tulsa, Ok, though this is a story that can be illustrated throughout the country.

The pictures, above, are from the Southern Hills Country Club and the area just outside of it.  I had never been inside of that country club, until I was called to deliver someone into it's gates as an Uber driver and was told that I could "show myself out" by a preppy early 20s girl that had the attitude of Ivanka Trump of being above everyone that they use.  When I went into the gate, I was astonished.  Above on the lower right, you see two pictures of the area just outside of the country apartment building that had bars on the windows and a long abandoned shopping enter with damage to the building.  The picture to the top is the street view looking down one side of the club on the left and the scary shopping center on the right.  You will notice that along the country club runs a bush line.  That bush line surrounds the entire country club, so no one from outside can see inside.  The lower left hand of the above image are just a few pics of its opulence. 

This is just one of about 50 examples of such contrast within the "holy city" (as they call it) of Oral Robert's city of Tulsa.  Indeed, Oral Roberts University is just a block south of that location, where you can see a HUGE cathedral and gold trimmed university, right next to condemned landscapes. But, that is only one of several such church contrasts, as well...similar to the Rhema Church HUGE building standing directly across the street from a run down two unit poverty aid center.

In a very REAL sense, the mega churches in Tulsa are like the Casinos that are in the area, as well.  They are very glitzy, and the community is poor....and for the same reason, the churches and the casinos are BOTH rich by way of the money taken from the poverty community around them.  However, it is not that the rich there are that way from being in the churches but rather the churches are just a subset of the rich, which expands far beyond the church walls into opulent shopping centers and communities just yards from the poor...and those rich that I shuttled around in my car were not concerned about the poor but saw the poor as just trying to take advantage of the rich by....BEGGING ..and telling me that the city should really do something about them.

Sound familiar?  This is the SAME attitude of the upper class GOP that PROTEST having to pay taxes for the poor and homeless,who they assume are milking the system for money, when ...having lived as one of those poor most of my life...they are just trying to, breath, and have electricity.  So what if they also have alcohol?  Indeed, many a night a little beer has helped me forget just how forgotten I am by the world.

And, they do feel forgotten, and I have seen in my life this division growing...the rich feeling superior and burdened by the poor, and the poor that absolutely HATE the entitled rich.  So, I am starting these posts to illustrate the conflict between these groups, as we enter into a cycle seen for thousands of years by peasants overthrowing the rich royalty, but THIS time happening on a society...a democracy ...level, as well.  It will be interesting to see how that conflict plays out.

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