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Friday, August 4, 2017

Republican Zombie Apocalypse

I have been thinking for over a year that we must have crossed over into a diversion of the species, via evolution...and the mutated species doesn't even believe in evolution...ha.  They walk around thinking that they are completely normal...all the while attacking the norms as perverse.

At least, it seems that we can isolate the diversion into one  political party and...even religious faction... the Religious Right of the Republican Party.

Now, why do I say that they have crossed a line into an evolutionary diversion?  Well, if there is one case of something here or is a minor glitch...a hereditory hiccup, and that has happened many times.  However, when you see an entire culture become affected, it is a larger could indicate a species change.

What really brought it out to a reality for me was the last election at the start but MUCH MORE in the year to follow.  Now, I don't believe it was possible to get all the way to the election, without knowing how Trump is....if there is ONE PERSON in this country with absolutely NO filter on his mouth or twitter account, it is this man.  What he believes...he says, eventually.  Even during the election, we knew that he was an adulterer, having cheated on each of his wives with the next one, and he openly bragged about the claim that he was pursuing a married woman and that being a celebrity allowed him to grab women by their sexual parts.  Further, it was known that he didn't have a plan on HOW to run the government or even pay for his wall, all of which has been seen after the election.

And, that is where I come to my point.  AFTER the election, Trump has hired and fired his cabinet, passed a total of NO policies he said was priorities, been exposed for espionage on behalf of a foreign government who he is still benefiting with his policies, failed to reach out to the other party despite winning less than half the country's votes, passed policies that step us back on racial reconcilation, rejected the world as unworthy to enter our country, amped up several wars, promoted cutting aid for the poor and elderly, and STILL his party supports him, even though no one else wants to be known for being associated with him.  That is why I say it is genetic.  LOGIC would dictate that they must know he is heartless and greedy and angry, but they support him, anyway, as evidenced by a Washington Post story you will find on my Twitter profile.  Why?  Because they are like him.

The press keeps trying to wake conservatives up to  how Trump is, when what they are missing is that he has not deceived them....he is their DREAM and ROLE model of choice.  Trump didn't cause the evangelical churches to stop donating to the poor and to get them to oppose social aid...that has been happening for decades, as they dance to Pat Robertson's CBN and FOX News drum...both of which are run on profits and have very rich executives off these gullible viewers that donate at the drop of the hat to anything GOP, leaving nothing for the needy.  In fact, rather than GIVE to the needy, they take it from them...or did you think the rich pastors got their suits, cars, planes, and houses from the rich...or is it from donations of the POOR?

And, that is where I get to this post title.  Society has evolved into two groups...those that STILL care for the poor and needy and willingly GIVE to support them, and ZOMBIES that survive and grow by devouring others.  They don't want to think about the fact that there is limited money in the country and that all their riches MUST come from making others poor....but they explicitly let you know they don't want to pay for the poor out of their own pockets in taxes.   It is survival of the fittest and they have determined that THEY are the species that must survive.

But, there is no way to lose friends faster than to bully them, take their money, and refuse to listen to them, and the GOP have definitely displayed their nature to the rest of the world that has rejected them, right along with the President those conservatives love.  So, a comfort in all this is that the majority that rejects Trump, today, will vote Democrat in the future election, and this term will have served as a generational anti-virus to help us know what to fight in the future....which just might save our nation.

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