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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Classism in America

As I get older, I keep seeing things in new ways, now that ... as with pretty much everyone that hits the 40s.. I started thinking for myself.  Things that I grew up just feeling was normal, I look at with new eyes and did I think that was ok, simply because someone told me it was "good" and "american" (often NOT historically American, in fact).  Classism is one of those things.

I don't fully blame those with money.  They were raised in the system, and "that's just the way it is" as they would say.  Yes, but SHOULD it be that way?  They don't question the system, because it FAVORS them.  So, it is easy for White Supremacists to say things should favor the whites that grew up with society advantages such as where they live, what schools they could go to, who they know, etc.  It is easy for America First fascists to say jobs and industry should go to them, since they ARE them.  And, it is easy for the rich to say that one should be allowed to heap up wealth, BECAUSE THEY ARE THE ONE WITH THE HEAP.

Let me ask you, isn't there something morally wrong with someone that heaps up wealth they can never use, while everyone around them is literally DYING in poverty and disease?  I mean...seriously...even though the Religious Right Evangelical preachers say the same thing to protect THEIR wealth from being taxed to help the poor...can anyone justify that as a VIRTUE?

Let's consider some real life analogies of this concept.  Let's say that they are having a pizza party in my kid's school classroom.  The rule is...take one piece of pizza, so there is enough for everyone.  Then, a selfish bully comes in and take 5, which means some will not have any at all.  Is that fair?  What should he do...give some back to the others of course.

Or, as my wife pointed out  to me, what if there is a child that is disabled and maybe can't get to the table as fast as the others.  Should he/she go without, or should someone ensure they get a piece, even if they can't...WORK for it...for example.

My whole life I was brought up being told from even my CHURCH that socialism was bad and capitalism is good and Godly, but looking at the FACTS of the rich keeping money from the poor that starve and die, I am starring to think otherwise.  EVERYONE has a RIGHT to LIFE, even if the Republicans want to deny that to all but the wealthy, and I think it is time we did something about that.

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