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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Don't Give Conservatives Fruit of Trees They Condemn

One of many things that wells up in me from time to time is anger at seeing Conservatives condemning a race or a region and then expected them to still provide to them.  To be very blatant, it is like how that masculine party demeans women but then wants those women to put out for their own pleasure.  Well, on both situations, it is time we tell them to go f*** themselves.

I mean, seriously.... Trump married a foreign woman but wants to block immigration.  Indeed, as it turns out, it looks like Melania was in violation of her visa WHEN SHE MET Donald Trump.  But,'s not like Trump ever turned his back on international money that HE makes off foreign companies IN the cultures he condemns.

But, it's not just trump and it's not just immigrants.  That is the tiny tip of a HUGE iceburg.  Conservatives LOVE to blame and attack liberal states, like California and New York.  They love to attack the arts and media.  They love to condemn homosexuals.  The list goes on and on.

Well, it is time we started saying enough is enough.  Like the woman that gets fed up and stops putting out till she gets respect, it is time that we liberals follow suit.  If conservatives don't like California, let them do without wine.  If they don't like Hollywood, stop sending them movies to watch.  If they don't like the arts, then they better not follow Pence's example and turn up at BROADWAY to see a show, or we should show them the door.  If they don't like homosexuals, let them cut their own hair or do their own design and not listen to musicians that may not swing their way.  Further, how dare they condemn immigrants, right before they settle into MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL or watch BASEBALL with barely a non immigrant or non minority on the WHOLE TEAM.

It is time we stopped letting those A-holes condemn the tree but then eat the fruit.  Let them enjoy ONLY what is made in their states for a while, and I bet they will change their tunes, pretty dang fast.

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