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Monday, September 18, 2017

Don't Miss This Trump Tweet ... Huge Fascism Alert

That was my reaction, in the screenshot, to Trump's tweet, last night.  I included it in the screenshot so you can see it.

I know in the Trump Presidency that every day feels like a month, as we try to keep up with all the foundational changes he is making to the whole government, and we can't possibly keep up with or focus on all of them... It's emotionally exhausting.  There are always 5 things he and the GOP are doing at once.   Indeed, at this moment, they are hard at work trying to remove poor people's health insurance as we speak.

However, this text by Trump sets off HUGE alarm bells, and I can't emphasize enough how important it is to read.  It reminds me of a quote from an episode of Handmaid's Tale (just won big at the Emmy's) that I saw, last week, where the main character lamented how they got to their situation by doing nothing as the government blamed terrorism and suspended the Constitution.

And so, we come to the above text that Trump not only tweeted but RETWEETED, showing he really means it, where he says that the internet is a recruitment tool of the terrorists and as such, must be "cut off" ... I am serious, and you can see the words yourself, even though it is straight out of what you would hear (and have heard historically) from fascist dictators, as they banned free speech to protect their rule and eliminate criticism.

I predicted this in December, last year, when I blogged that if Trump was going to "make America great" he would have to have dictatorial power to do it, over all freedoms, and if he was going to eliminate freedoms, he would, like all dictators, have to eliminate free speech... Which is why the framers of the government put that guarentee as the FIRST to protect.

I don't know what form that "cut off" of the internet will take place, but it makes sense why he eliminated Net Neutrality, now, as that would have prevented that control over what you can see.

Regardless, we need to wake up, before we wake up in the GOP's new Nazi fatherland with no freedoms left to speak out.

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