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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Follow Trump Example .. Declare Bankruptcy

This week, I declared bankruptcy, and it took many years of fighting a downward salary drop before I surrendered to the fact that I just didn't make enough money for the amount of expenses that I had accumulated.  A few years ago, I was making nearly 60 thousand per year, and I am, now, making barely more than half of that, due to the drop in employment.  They can scream that unemployment is down all they want, but as someone with 4 years of accounting experience, 2 years of management experience and an MBA, I couldn't get a job in the industry and had to settle for using veterans preference (as much as I don't like that concept) to get a job at the VA...which after benefits is paying me less than I could make on UBER (food for thought).

However, I am not here to talk about my "failure" leading to bankruptcy but my SUCCESS in filing for it and to promote that OTHERS do it, as well.

Why?  Life happens.  You get saddled with unexpected bills or have a reduction in pay from work or whatever.  Things happen that make it less likely to pay off your bills.  Now, you CAN do debt consolidation, but I have learned from experience that many of those companies offering that service screw you over, too.  I had debt consolidation on my bills for a few years.  Then, one day, one of my bills from Dell called me up and asked how I was going to pay off my 4000 dollar bill.  I said this is under the consolidation and should be much much less (the computer in the beginning cost just about a thousand...a long time before the consolidation).  When it entered consolidation, it was at 2000 dollars from interest.  However, after 2 years of payments in consolidation, the debt had doubled, since the consolidation company missed EVERY payment date, causing late fees for each payment.  When I brought it up to the consolidation company, they said...well, it's not our problem.  It's yours.

Companies don't care about you.  They don't care what is happening in your life.  They only want to find a way to charge you the most they can charge you for the longest they can charge you.  It's called business.  So, if you are straining your reduced budget to try to please the rich, know that the rich do not even notice you are struggling or even care.

Indeed, the biggest rich are well versed in bankruptcy, our illustrious President Trump that declared bankruptcy FOUR TIMES, while keeping their mansions in the process.  Indeed, RIGHT NOW, Trump is passing rules to allow him to borrow without limit on the treasury, while at the very same time reducing the income coming in from taxes...all so our children can pay for his shopping habit.  Are you really going to fall on your budget sword for the rich values displayed by THEM?

It's about time that all of us started thinking about ourselves and not pleasing the riches of others that do not care for us.  If you are underwater, financially, wipe it away with bankruptcy and start fresh.  FREEDOM may not be politically correct with the current administration, but it is still LAW, and the bankruptcy court EXISTS to stand between you and those that in the Merchant of Venice..demand their pound of flesh from your heart.

Be Free.

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