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Thursday, September 28, 2017

STOP Making LIFE Decisions about MONEY

Life is life.  Money is money.  They are not the same.  In fact, the engagement in ONE will limit the other.  It's not about the dollar figure of your GROSS salary (gross is a good word for that), when you are in the quiet moments and think about whether your life is happy or not.  It's about how much LIFE you had in the day you just lived.

Two years ago, I made 60 thousand dollars a year as an oil and gas accountant.  Today, I am an Uber Driver (by choice..walked away from a higher paying job for it), making well under 20 thousand dollars a year..  So, by this reasoning, you would say I am failing and unhappy, correct?  Actually, the reverse is very much true.  Let me walk you through how those years went.

Why COLLEGE is a SCAM...

Before I get to my first accounting jobs, I have to start by saying that college is a F'kn SCAM, and I would recommend that NO ONE go to college or pursue a "professional" job, unless that is just what you like to do, in which case it is ok.  However, if you are doing it for MONEY, you need to know a few facts.

  1. College separates the gap between poor and rich, instead of correcting it.  You will be working next to kids that just came of of college that DADDY paid for and have zero debt, so they will get to take ALL of that professional income and just blow it like toilet paper.  Meanwhile, you will be taking out student loans that will take the REST OF YOUR LIFE to pay off the principal and interest, ending up paying maybe double the original amount you took out. So, "professional" jobs make the RICH RICHER and the POOR POORER.
  2. If you are going to college to get RESPECT in your new job, forget it.  When you complete a college degree, you will go looking for a job with tight competition, and you will be meeting with people that will piss on your degree and expect work history, which you could have had...had you not been in COLLEGE.  Then, you will start a job at the bottom, where the upper management have NO IDEA how to do your job (true for every professional job I held) but criticize you for not working hard enough.  So, you will be working like a frustrated secretary for over -demanding bosses who treat you like children, despite your college training that they dismiss.  So...why did you go to college again?


So, when I got hired at IBM I was so proud of myself.  OMG.  I was working at a Fortune 20 company, doing contract accounting for Marathon oil.  Now, I wasn't happy to be working for a company that was profiting off of destroying the environment but I said that it would work to build my career.  What they don't tell you is that when you work for oil and gas, you are only qualified for ...OIL AND GAS, so even though a few years later I had my MBA and 3 years experience in Federal and Indian oil and gas royalty reporting, the recruiters I turned to found that no one outside of oil and gas was interested, since I didn't have THEIR system or position, I was back being made to feel like an inexperience child, despite 3 years of career success...even though that success meant nothing to the companies.

Which is the next point to be made, here.  During my time there, I started at a 2 person position and ended up being given the entire job to myself, because I was so good at the job.  Indeed, my actions saved the client 2 million dollars in one month's reporting, catching a system error.  The client said before my boss that they wish they could give me a gift but couldn't.  So, of course, that gave me clout and respect, right?

Well, actually, within a year, all of my bosses had left the industry, and the new ones didn't care what I did, and they didn't care that it used to be a 2 person job, so, it was now EXPECTED I do twice the work, or I could (and did) quit to be replaced by others they could pay less....Chewed up and ...ptu...spat out.  Welcome to a Fortune 20 company.


After this I had left accounting for a few months but came back, thinking that surely it was unique to IBM how bad they were.  I started working for Sutherland Global and learned that IBM (for as bad as it was) was on the upper end of greed and manipulating, as this company was hiring people to be given positions without training by ignorant managers (didn't know what their employees did), who shifted all questions and blame of failures to the very new employees they didn't train, while asking them to work 14 hour days and acting like they were working hard WITH us, when they were just working US hard.


Then, I started doing Uber part time and would, eventually, take it on full time.  When I did it, I had been fed up with corporate life, and the recruiters were finding I was over-qualified (meaning...cost too much) for companies that wanted to hire cheap ( the end fk you for GETTING experience).  So, I started driving for MUCH less money than I used to make, and guess what...I LOVE it.  A few benefits...

  • I get up when I want to get up.
  • I don't drive an hour to get to work or home, after.
  • I can take a break in my work day, whenever I want without feeling guilty or having to get it approved like a child.
  • I can listen to my music in my car.
  • I can where WHATEVER I want.
  • I can take time off in the middle of the day for..personal time...with my wife.  Ha.
  • I can see my customers face to face and feel good making money for making people happy.

You see...I was reminded of something that I had forgotten, and it is what I want to leave with you as food for thought.  MONEY is not HAPPINESS.  There are benefits to every job, if that is something that you truly value.  Money, in fact, began as a replacement for bartering.  Bartering was...I want this, so if I do this for you, you will give me this that I want.  Then, it became you will pay me dollars I can use to buy what I want.  However, if you are spending all of your hours working to earn dollars but do not feel free to take time off to SPEND it at home and for what you like, you have SURRENDERED your happiness to make others happy in exchange for dollars that whatever label you feel appropriate.

So, stop working for others, who will never appreciate you and do not CARE what you want out of work in their quest to be rich.  You are responsible by nature for your own life.  How are you doing in making that life happy?

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