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Monday, September 25, 2017

The Ever Increasing Group of the Un-Patriotic (McCarthyism)

Since the school system doesn't view history as important enough to teach students (if they had we may not have Trump), I feel the need to start giving historical foundations that my readers may miss.  Indeed, as we go forward in the Trump Presidency, I feel that I am witnessing the rise (almost scripted) of Hitler, only this one is spoken in English...right down to the basis, process, and procedure of the rise.  Like Hitler, Trump lamented the drop in the GREATNESS of his country in the world, blaming certain groups for that drop and promised to make it great in the world, again.  Like Hitler, Trump was an angry man that shouted out attacks on opposition groups and countries in the world.  Like Hitler, he blamed the ills of the country on specific genetic and cultural groups outside the country, rather than acts of individuals within it.  Like Hitler, he is dictating what private companies SHOULD do (like ESPN, NFL, car companies, etc) and making Presidential dictates that companies MUST use national resources to make their goods.  Like Hitler, he opposes free speech.

However, today, I want to focus on a Nazi processes that was, also, seen in our country's past, as well, and it is raising it's ugly head, again.  It is a common process when a dictator or a dictatorial power that so blames groups does, throughout the world and throughout history.  Once they have identified enemies OUTSIDE The country, they start identifying groups INSIDE The country that are "enemies" as well.

It has a term that USED to be used int he media but is not being used, today...through my news media readers should consider reviving.  It is MCCARTHYISM.  I will explain.

In the 1950s, a REPUBLICAN congressman (...notice that it's ALWAYS the GOP backing the KKK, fascists, racists, etc) by the name of Joseph Mccarthy starting holding hearings about people suspected of being COMMUNISTS.  Get that?  Their CRIME was that they had another OPINION on how to run the economy (for the poor rather than the rich).  And, the RICH Republicans promoted fear throughout the nation, asking people to LOOK OUT for the communist SPIES on your corner and to turn them into the government.  Sound familiar?  Like....maybe the GOP that was warning us about terrorists from without are gonna start naming those to distrust and jail for their difference of belief that live IN this country?

And, of course, we are already seeing it.  Just in the last week, the President went from saying that one Black sports reporter should be fired for being critical of Trump  to attacking black ATHLETES for not being patriotic for failing to go along with Trump to saying the entire NFL was un american, as well as any fans that failed to pressure them to salute the flag.  However, that is not the ONLY group in American PRIVATE company society that Trump has declared should be fired or has restricted.  From the start of his Presidency, he has limited the PRESS from reporting at the White House, unless that press willinly reported STATE FED news without critique, and when they did dare to question his proclamations, they were declared unpatriotic, as well.  Other groups from those in the arts to education to healthcare to others....and I mean BIG and NATIONAL groups for entire industries.... have been demeaned and attacked by the President of the USA for NO OTHER REASON than that they DISAGREE with the Supreme Leader speech is dead.

This spiral historically only goes outward, so expect there to be many more groups to follow, as Trump adds one group after another to his list of un-patriotic and even TERRORISTIC groups for one reason and one reason, alone....they DARED to think for themselves, and the GOP will say that anyone that refuses to condemn who they SAY for us to condemn is a "sympathizer" just as they said under Mccarthy, and I predict less than a month before we start hearing what they REALLY believe (since their charade of empathy has faded) and we start hearing the President, himself, declaring that any group that accepts or supports Muslims (or even IS Muslim like Malcom X's Nation of Islam) IS a terrorist, and any group that files lawsuits or speaks out, against him, is to be condemned as un-american.  Even as I type this, the President, today, took to the NATIONAL Twitter account to condemn John McCain...a man of his OWN PARTY for the EVIL of refusing to cut healthcare for the poor.

So, in the last week, Trump has attacked his own party's congressmen, sports news media, and the entire sports industry for failing to agree with long till YOU are un-American, as well?

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