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Friday, September 15, 2017

The Frog Pot of Fascism

I forget who told me about the secret to cooking a frog, a long time ago.  However, it went like this.  You don't raise the temperature of the water fast to boil, because the frog would just jump out.  You raise it slowly, and the frog will just sit in it till it has cooked to death.

I recalled that story, when I was considering ...not the stories of this week...the REACTION of the public to the stories of this week.

1 - First off, we will lead off with the story that was all over the twitter-sphere a few days ago.  It was the White House media representative saying that the administration believes that an ESPN reporter should be fired, because she called Trump a racist.  While the nation was busy discussing whether Trump was a racist and the damning fact that a black reporter was facing threats by white rich guys (kinda confirming the charge), I was more interested in a fact that seemed completely missed by the press and social media....since when was it the PRESIDENT'S role and authority to tell a private business how to operate...and, further, to tell them to fire someone for FREE SPEECH.

2 - Next up, let's talk about Trump's supposed defection to the DEMOCRATS for a few bills.  Yup, the news was all ablaze with pundits that were declaring that Trump was REALLY a DEMOCRAT all along.  That's right.  I heard the news declaring this, as I took a work break.

I figured it was just the GOP wanting to distance themselves from a radioactive President, as Mueller closed his wagons around Trump (and I still believe that would happen).  However, it wasn't till I got home that I heard WHY the GOP was saying that about Trump.

So the story goes (don't believe it as it is just a ploy by Trump), Trump got tired of the GOP not getting things done, so he called up Chuck and Nancy and called them to the White House, where he told them that he was willing to give up a PHYSICAL wall border, was willing to keep dreamers in the country, and he was even willing to increase the taxes on the rich for his programs' cost.

Now...while that is so bizare that it would distract you, don't lose sight of what happened NEXT and reported much quieter.  Behind the scenes, conservatives turned on Trump in a blink of an eye and was vocally attacking him, even former GOP President candidate Mike Huckabee (whose daughter is that White House media representative and who has a Christian tv network show coming on in less than a month from now) was engaging in a mocking series of Tweets of Trump.

Now, it would be tempting to say....WELCOME TO THE the GOP that suddenly hates Trump and thanks for GIVING him to us.  However, pay attention to WHY they are attacking him.  Huckabee and others were attacking him for not doing ENOUGH to eliminate health care coverage, block the borders, and etc.

Get it?  So, as I have been saying...this was NEVER the party willingly following the man that happened to get elected.  They weren't uncomfortable allies that backed trump despite his attacks on the poor, needy, and neglected and blatant sins.  If that were the case, they would have welcomed his change of heart.  No.  This sudden turn on him illustrates that it has NEVER been Trump leading the GOP to fascism but a FASCIST GOP that supported him as long as he was giving them fascist control over the lives of everyone else in the country borders.  The moment that he backed off his extremist stance to moderate, he was the ENEMY, showing very clearly the FATWAH of the Christian extremist cultists that are growing, with or without Donald Trump.

So, keep an eye out, as this movement grows.  It seems unfathomable that we could be seeing a conspiracy to take over power of the government.  Those are things that we have only read about in history books and on tv shows like The Man in High Castle (can't wait for the next season this fall).

We might be faced with the uncomfortable choice that Germany made after WWII of making their Nazi groups illegal in the future.  One would hope it doesn't come to that, but this frog pot of just the last year should illustrate VERY CLEARLY how easy it is for a country to go from disgruntled to a HITLER.  May God help us avoid such a fate.

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