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Monday, September 4, 2017

You Are MORE Than What You Do

On this day of honoring labor, my blog of the day is to unveil the futility and illusion of that mantle.  You are NOT what you do for an income but the personality you carry with every day.

It is something that I think more men than women understand (speaking biologically...I'll get back to that).  As someone that has fit that stereotype, I can tell you that it is one of the FIRST questions that a man has to answer about himself.  He meets someone...anyone....and one of the first questions that comes is, "So, what do you do?" 

How functional.... and how demeaning.  No one goes up to a woman and defines her by the income source that she provides.  No.  They judge her by how she looks (superficially), how she acts, and the things she says.  But, for a MAN those things are minimal.  A man can look like whatever he wants to look like, and he can do or say whatever he wants, so long as he has a "good job" and makes a lot of money, and that is not just the definition of that men by other men but by women, as well.

You all know the story line...a woman wants to grow up and marry a.... prince, doctor, lawyer, etc.  Is it because they think he will be able to lead them, heal them, or defend them, well?  Not even close.  They want it because he can PAY for them.  Many women are as shallow for dollars as men are for flesh, and both sell their soul every day for a little more.

However, the end of that story is the same for both women and men in those positions.  Both picked someone for what they can give them, but many of them failed to even NOTICE the person behind those dollars or flesh.  Then, they wake up with the stark reality that they are married to someone that does not notice their interests or beauty, even though they failed to make that a requirement from the start.  The woman is over there thinking...I am more than a pair of breasts,and the man is thinking... I am more than a paycheck, and both resent not being noticed a PERSON.

Now, this is all presented in biological stereotype for purpose of concept, but the same is true whether it be the stereotype, the reverse stereotype of woman provider, or homosexual.  Ideally, both would be providing and both would be noticed...or at least that is MY IDEAL, and my wife does a pretty great job of supporting that gender freedom.  However, regardless of how it works out in YOUR relationship, my point of the day is this.

Choose not who appreciates you for what you give but who you are, and make that a STATED desire to the other person, so they don't just give you what they think you want.  Otherwise, you will end up living in a "functional" relationship that is efficient as a business but absent of a heart, which is a family depiction of what we are seeing in society cutting social aid for the poor...but doesn't our businesses look lovely?

You are more than what you do, and the sooner we all realize that, the sooner we can learn to appreciate each other and all find happiness in our days.

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