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Friday, October 6, 2017

Did AMERICA Vote for Trump?

By now, you know that Clinton DID win the most votes in the last election, even though Trump weaseled his way in by way of crafting electoral math in order to get the most electoral votes.  One would assume that someone that only won by a technicality and wasn't the popular vote would mediate to the center to please ALL those he represents as President...but, of course that is not what we got.

Trump declared himself AMERICA's Choice by way of winning the electoral votes.  However, let's look at exit polling at Pew Research.  Did Trump win...

Blacks?  No. Clinton won that group by 80 percent.
Hispanics?  No.  Clinton won that group by 36 percent.
Women?  No.  12% more women voted for Clinton than Trump.
College Graduates?  No.  The educated chose Clinton by 9 percent over Trump.
Young voters?  No.  Clinton won those 18-29 by 55 percent compared to trump's 37 percent.

So, No...AMERICA didn't vote for Trump.  OLD, WHITE, MEN did.  And, THAT is just a statistical fact.  If nothing else, one day that generation will die.  THEN, maybe America will be GREAT, again.

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