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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

GOP vs Trump Showdown and What it Revealed

The devil went down to Georgia...or Alabama, as it may be..a few weeks ago is a surreal showdown that most of the world didn't notice, because Trump kept them busy talking Football or Newscasters or such.   It was an election for the US Senate, and Trump had staked his name upon the NON evangelical candidate that was running against the ultra conservative Roy Moore, who was backed by the religious right.  Moore, you see, was a former state justice that was famous for saying things like homosexuality should be illegal and defending the statues of the Ten Commandments (I think it is telling the conservatives always defend displays of LAW and not GRACE, but moving on).

Anyway, it wasn't that Trump was trying to preserve his party from religious nuts, as he was saying the same extremist things.  He was just wanting to elect a congressman that owed him and, as such, would go along with whatever he asked, without question.  Indeed, Vice President Pense's aid was just busted on audio tape indicating that the Trump administration intends to run candidates against EVERY Republican that expresses free will apart from what he wants for the country or that questions him in any a good little dictator that he is.

However, a few things need to be noted.

1.  The GOP is the extremist force in the country.  It is NOT an EXTREME Trump leading a reluctant party, this election showed... the party is going to be extreme, even if  it has to run AGAINST the President.  Keep this in mind, once Trump is no longer President by passage of 4 years or impeachment, whichever comes first.  Also, remember it come next year's congressional election.

2.  Neither Trump nor the GOP are willing to concede and compromise with anyone.  That is why they are running against THEIR OWN PARTY, as they argue about who has more power to be the final word on how everyone (even non Republicans) should be in the nation....and neither is ASKING or LISTENING to voices other than their own.  If you look at Trump's Twitter account, you will see that while he is wanting the entire country to follow him on there, he is only following, HIMSELF, his own family and Fox News and other extreme conservative media sources.

3.  All republican choices are terrible.  As this election previewed, the future Republican primary elections will be a choice between a warmongering paranoid old man or those that feel God told them how YOUR life should be lived. 

Honestly, I'd rather just have the quiet democrat that lets me be with my own life. 

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