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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Hurricanes, Fires, Floods, Death .. Is GOD Happy With Trump?

So, I wanted to do a post to the evangelical Christian out there.  Not to the leaders, as they literally SOLD their soul for wealth (against Jesus word) and to a fascist party a long time ago.

As someone that has walked the road you are on, before.... I have a B.S. from Falwell's Liberty University in Bible Studies and has evangelized online for years a while back...all in the name of "saving the world" and fearfully preparing for a wrathful God to return (somehow love got lost in there)...I want to speak to you heart to heart.  Before you refuse the brain that God gave you and close your ears and scream la la la la la like a 4 year old, consider the following about the man that your leadership is telling you is GOD'S choice to be President.

In the last half year, since Trump has been President, we have had to face not one but THREE massive hurricanes that destroyed MASSIVE amounts of areas YOU live (conservatives), and as a result some of the most populated areas spent a month under water and reeling from flood damage. There have been wildfires that raged and rages throughout the central western United States.  A few days ago, someone took many machine guns and emptied them on ...again...CONSERVATIVES watching a country music artist.

The reason I mention that it was conservatives that are suffering is that this is the group (if any) that God would protect in your mind...right?  I mean, the rest of the world is lost in your mentality, so they would face the judgment of God.  However, this judgment is falling upon YOUR lands...YOUR homes, YOUR families, YOUR finances, and YOUR lives.  So, why isn't God protecting YOU?  You are calling on the nation to pray for you, but you were already praying, so why has God abandoned you?

Perhaps, it is because you have turned your back on him by voting for a confessed adulterer (he cheated on each of his wives with his next wife), sexual assaulter, and someone that promotes WAR, which God told you to avoid being PEACEMAKERS.  Perhaps, God is upset that your churches have become Altars of profit, like the ones Jesus turned over, and He is upset that you are picking up stones to throw at more of his children... that just happen to be different from you... calling for them to be crucified rather than spared by the very crucifix Christ was on.

Now, I know most of you will not listen, because you are conditioned not to think or read the Bible for yourself, but the last time I was in the Evangelical, Charismatic churches and watching TBN I was being told that fires, floods, storms, death, and hunger were signs of the end days with evil, maybe you should stop to think and pray where your CRUSADE is taking you, before you find yourself staring at God and trying to explain why you chose the GOP over GOD and Loyalty over LOVE.

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