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Saturday, October 7, 2017


This summer, I got a job working in Trump's Government in the VA...which was a HUGE (to quote a Trump favorite phrase) mistake.  I am much happier working for much less, after I quit a few weeks ago.  However, I felt that it would be good to give you an insider account of what that was like.

First, when I got the job offer, they didn't have a dollar amount on the job offer.  I asked what the details of the job offer would be like, and I was told...I kid you not...that I would find out how much I would be paid AFTER I accepted the job.  I voiced how this was not how professional work was, but I accepted and was told.  Then, even though it took months to apply, I had to wait 4 weeks for the start date....4 weeks of expenses adding up, while I was waiting for the job to begin, causing financial stress, which was added by waiting 3 weeks, after hire, before the first paycheck.  So, in 2 months after accepting the job offer, I got paid for ONE paycheck.

But, moving on from money, we came into the position and arrived waiting to learn our job, and the people we were working for informed us that they didn't know when we would start training, and they told us that we needed to call the help desk, ourselves, to set up our account access, which we had to do about 10 times for difference accounts.  After a month of being assigned busy work, we finally started an online course that would be filled with issues of system access and the fact that there was no standard way to do anything among the VA groups, but we had to follow a standardized training program.

Before I continue, there is a reason I said that this was TRUMP's VA.  We were also informed by our local group that it didn't used to be done this way.  Used to be that someone would arrive and start working, immediately.  However, under THIS administration, we had to do this online program, which would end up teaching us nothing, and after two months of "training" we began actual training.

Back to money for a second.  Along the way in the training, we found our supervisors surprised at our pay level, because starting positions used to be GS 6 positions, but we were started at GS-5.  To put that in layman's terms.  TRUMP REDUCED THE PAY OF MY POSITION BY 5,000 PER YEAR, RIGHT BEFORE WE BEGAN, for the same position.

At the end of several months of driving two hours a day to reach and get home from a very disorganized position, I gave my notice I was quitting that day, because, "It's not like I am DOING anything to require two weeks."

There are other things I could mention, but I will just mention one more.  The final week, I worked 4 days into my pay period and had a few days of vacation pay earned and not used.  So, upon the next pay day, what do you think I saw....yup, pay for 2 days without notice or explanation.

THAT is what it is like to work in TRUMP's America.

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