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Monday, October 16, 2017

The President with Something to Hide

Paul Manafort was the campaign manager for Trump at the start of the coordinated Putin - Trump election misinformation and hacking campaign currently in the news.  That makes him very vulnerable of a witness in the Mueller investigation into that corruption.  But...

Then, we hear that Manafort has received 60 million dollars from the Kremlin and personally approved through the Cypress bank by it's then head... Trump Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, making it a 60 million dollar payoff and debt they can collect to keep his mouth shut.

But, this is just the latest story of many of a President very occupied with keeping eyes off himself...

..A month ago, the secret service was evicted from Trump tower base by Trump.
..Trump is using private attorneys rather than government ones so they can't be compelled to testify.
..Trump fired every Attorney General and US attorney investigating him and explicitly stated Sessions only got the job after promising not to investigate.
..Trump tweeted recently a Republican was "set up" by being recorded, fitting personally with his own claims of being set up by the press being "fake news" for reporting his own words and speeches.
..Trump feared he was being "wiretapped" during the election by Obama and went on to have his staff saying "they" can watch you through your microwave.
..Trump fired heads of every government branch and replaced them with people he can control.
..Trump put a Breibart executive over the national security council to know what intel had on him, and he has let it be known that he still questions them as to if he is subject of investigation.
..Trump STILL has not released his tax returns.

The list goes on, but what is clear is the President FEARS anyone watching or recording him.  As conservatives have so often said in the past to liberals wary of "terrorist" investigation of muslims... Why would he hide, if he was not guilty? 

Now, for the hard working muslim or African American under surveillance without cause, such objection to being watched is valid.. They have a right to privacy.  However, for those denying that right to them, how do they justify Trump BLOCKING such monitoring without suspicion?

If we are going to investigate every immigrant from foreign lands, why are we ignoring investigation of one that financially profits from foreign interests?

Especially when he so explicitly is trying to hide.

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