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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Veteran Challenging Veterans Preference

Ok...time for my controversial post of the week (only one?).  I think it is time we challenged a little thing called Veterans Preference.

Before the conservatives start tar and feathering me, a little about MY military background.  I have veterans preference.  Oh?  I must have fought in a war, right?  NOPE.  How did I get it, then?  Because about 20 years ago, Republicans changed the law, and a "veteran" is someone that SERVED during a time of war, and they declared Iraq an open war, since the 1990's....then Kosovo...then..Iraq...then Afghanistan...then Iraq...then ...and so on and so forth.  Or, BASICALLY ANYONE THAT SERVED THE LAST 20 YEARS qualifies as a veteran, whether they fought in a war or not.

Well, is that really bad, you may ask?  Now, while I was and am a moral person from BEFORE my time in the military, I served in units with many that were not...ex cons, people that talked about using and abusing women, people that spoke joyfully about shooting people, etc.  EVERY ONE of these people (over half of my units) would NOW qualify for veterans preference....for jobs they are not qualified to do.

Get that?  THINK about it.  If they were really "the best trained" for the jobs in the military, they wouldn't need preference, and veterans preference is not limited in the slightest to what they did in the military.  So, for example, I got my first IRS Auditor job with veterans preference, which allowed me to get an accounting job, before I had even finished my degree and with NO experience.  In fact, for that job, my category of veterans preference put me ahead of ALL other candidates.  They LITERALLY COULD NOT select someone more qualified and follow the GOP passed law.

SO...that means that throughout government branches and, afterwards, in industry as a result of government work gained by veterans preference, our industries are filled with people with NO experience or training that, because they were trained to kill people, have authority over all other candidates.

This is also a SEX DISCRIMINATION, as the military is selective of men for battle positions, and it is a field that men would choose to do more than women (by majority).  Therefore, by penalty of law, there is a benefit to MEN who served over women that apply.  Why is it that only SOLDIERS get this preference.  I think NURSES or TEACHERS also provide a great service to the country, so why are they not getting hiring preference?

It is time for this boy's club GOP preference is ended, so we have fairer hiring and qualified candidates.  Maybe THEN people won't have to talk about the lazy and inefficient government workers that messed up their case...AGAIN, and we can actually move FORWARD to a better society.

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