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Sunday, March 11, 2018

And Now My Introduction (on Chapter 3)

I am a blogger.

I think I am finally able to establish my online identity, focus, and limits...just took me a few years of feeling things out and trying things out, and I think that everyone needs to do to do just that...whether it be jobs, relationships, hobbies, or whatever.  You cannot know what you like, before you start trying things.  Even as kids, we stuck like...DIRT in our mouths to see if we liked the taste of it.  Just because you are an "adult" doesn't mean you know ANYTHING about things you have not tried.  So, after years of trying separated blogs, different products, different social media, and book ideas, I am ready to define myself (and stick to that definition for focus going forward).

I am a blogger.  In the end, that is really what it is.  It's like the fact that I am also an uber driver, when I am not online.  As I wrote about in a recent blog, you gotta follow your bliss.  You should do a job that you would like doing, even if no one paid you for it and for which you would say...people PAY you for that?  Just as with the writing focus, I tried many different employments, as well.  However, it has ONLY been the case that when I am driving people or products and listening to my music that I feel...HOME.  Many times as I did so, I told myself, remember how happy you are, right now. 

This also applies to my blogging.  When I am writing, it's not that I am writing for money, which is why I don't like the writer's market books that say, write this if you want profit.  I think that is selling yourself out.  It's also not that I feel superior to anyone and need them to bend to my will.  I greatly support diversity, so long as those I support also support diversity.  I write because...I HAVE to.  If I were not able to write what I see and experience, I think I would explode.  Only recently, I realized that of the 5 Divergent book series houses, I would be Candor, more than anything, because I feel that TRUTH is the highest standard people need in order to make wise decisions and that lies are the greatest mortal sin...since they block that guiding knowledge.

I also don't feel that writing a book works, even though I tried that a few times.  Those that agree with me, already agree.  Those that don't, don't.  So, I can provide an entertaining read for fellow interesting people, but I don't think I would buy my own books or theirs, since we share the same story.  Nor do I think that products based on my works (like t-shirts or coffee mugs) works, either, as I am not a prideful prick that needs validation.

SO, here's my introduction (on chapter 3 of my life's work).  I am a blogger.  This will be my blog ... and will be where I put all my works (other than the election races site, which will be ONLY informationon those election races.  All else will go, here.  It will be broad to include all that encompasses me, since I am just a lifestyle blogger, and my lifestyle includes all of those things previously on other blogs... running, yoga, meditation, magic, relationship awareness, being liberal in conservative america, discrimination, the arts, dates, tv programs we like, movies we like, and whatever perks my interest for that day.  Being not focused may hurt it in the ratings, but I am not writing it to sell it (if I make ANY money it will be from the Amazon affiliate links I will add to the blog) but just because I can and take joy in bringing awareness, support, and entertainment to those that read or subscribe (via email on the page).


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