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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Evangelical Worship Songs.. Army of God

From a former insider that has a B.S. in Religion at Evangelical Jerry Falwell school Liberty University and was both a security guard at one megachurch and dood greater at another, I figured it time in light of this day protesting gun violence and hearing the Austin bomber was part of a bible study that taught how to shoot guns ..the kind of songs being sung in conservative churches (and has for a decade)...

Revival - "We reach out and claim Your place We won't rest, we won't fade away 'Till You reign forevermore..We will die leaving a revival behind behind"

Awesome God - "Judgement and wrath He poured out on the Sodom"

Onward Christian Soldiers - "Onward, Christian soldiers! marching as to war"

I'm in the Lord's Army (KIDS worship) "I may never march in the infantry Ride in the cavalry Shoot the artillery Imay never fly o'er the enemy But I'm in the Lord's army!"

We Will Worship Him "It is time for battle It is time for war As we sing hosanna As we praise the Lord He will still the accuser Crush the enemy As we celebrate God's victory"

Lion and the Lamb "And every knee will bow before the Lion and the Lamb Every knee will bow before Him"

These are just a few of hundreds of references in "christian" worship referring to being in the military of the "lord," asking him to destroy the enemy, saying God is more powerful than the spirit of the world (unbelievers) and these SAME church leaders are the ones identifying to their members who the "enemy" is in society and training them how to shoot guns (in the bible study or on the side).

Still think it's all just fun and games and a loving religion?  Evangelicals have become a straight up religious terror organization in the name of God, no different than any ither around the world. them... God is on THEIR side (as all others say, also).

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