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Monday, March 12, 2018

Fall From Grace - Conservatives Don't Give, They Buy

I am going to continue my Fall from Grace post series, here, I began on of my testimonies in my journey from blind Republican to aware Democrat of the things Republicans did in the name of "family values" and God.  It may not end up as a book.  Instead, I may just move them all to this site on a unique page.  It's time people speak up, even if others don't like it... Or especially if so.

For today's addition, I will reference my interaction with my ex over the last week and use it to illustrate another truth about conservatives.  They don't give... They buy.

I don't talk to my ex out of experience.  I got away from her, because she saw it as expected that "if I cared for her" I would surrender my desires to help her "succeed," which meant gain personal status and income.  Then, when I left out of self respect, i had many, many conversations that ended with my being stressed out and my telling her that our being divorced meant she could not tell me how to live my life. However, she never changed, so I determined the only way to have peace was not to talk to her...especially as she paid no child support at her demand.

In all the years of the divorce, she has paid nothing with two a few years ago paying a hundred and this last weekend paying 50.  Both times, it was followed by a request/demand.

This time, there was suddenly 50 dollars in my account.  I went to my email to find her, first, tell me it was for my family and so my daughter could have gloves.  This was my first notice she had apparently lost one of her gloves, and we told her to tell us when she had a need and not my ex.

Then, a few days go by, and my ex sends me a note to call her.  So, I do.  She begins by asking how things are going, and I told her how things were good.  We had made it through the tight financial period during (which would not have been tight if she paid support).  And, it took less than a minute for her to get to her point of telling me what toys my daughter should play with in my house.  

And, there it is... Why she sent any money at all.  She has never given anything, whether it be money or time, unless she uses it as I returned the 50.

But, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  I have never received anything from her parents without passive control.  The same is true of conservatives, pretty much anywhere.  They don't give. They buy.  It makes sense from their greedy perspective.  They need return on their investment, which is why they will even judge you for not accepting a vocal apology, as it was not from contrition but to get a clear conscience and clean slate.

Understanding this explains why evangelicals will give at church but fight to cut poverty aid taxes.  GOD promised them ABUNDANT WEALTH (in their mind) for church tithes, which fulfills their selfish greed, while giving to the poor just feeds someone else.  When conservatives DO give in these programs, it is accompanied by requirements on the poor getting their money, because it was not given but loaned...with interest, which is why Trump's current Education Secretary owns student loan collection firms.

If charity must be paid back, it is not a gift worthy of any eternal reward.  Instead, the church of God has become slave owners of the poor and harrassers of the weak and disparaged.  My hope is their "reward" is to live another life, after this one, born in their slaves skin and lifestyle.  They probably won't learn, but it would only be fair.

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