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Monday, March 12, 2018

Fall From Grace - Oklahoma "Divorce" Female Shaming

My 2nd Fall from Grace post of the day, but as my wife's legal case is's time, and since I was informed by the Oklahoma court early on that my opinions don't count in their custody agreement as I am not a party to it (as step father), I am not bound to any agreements to be silent, either....after all.  I am only "boyfriend" in his documents which were never corrected by the court.

So.  Short summary.  Last year, I took a job 3 hours away.  We followed state law and notified him of the move.  He did not object in time allowed.  He paricipated in the agreements.  He received funds from us for expenses of travel, under the new agreement.  Then, 3 months later, after like 10 weekends at his house under the plan, he objects and filing lawsuit charging my wife with contempt on the charge she failed to notify him of the move and "unilaterally" moved without communication with him.  Every facet of the charge was false, which the custody law specifies SHOULD result in him being in contempt for filing.  

However, this is Oklahoma.  The "man" had spoken, and even with out producing evidence showing he had lied, let's review how all this ended.  We went to mediation, and to make OUR part in the concessions, we moved up here.  What did he end up giving? The case being done, I still don't have an answer to that, since my wife just signed a statement in which the court seems to have adopted every charge of his as true, and my wife basically promised not to do it, again (in terms that would violate gay marriage beside the point).  There was no mention in the documents that he only takes 1/4 of his summers with them, no warning for him to take additional time, and no adjustment of child support based on his allotted time.  

So, it didn't matter AT ALL that he lied or that he was uninvolved.  In the end, the man was right, and the woman was shamed and made to feel guilty for following the law he didn't and watching the kids on times he rejected, while the court said the kids are not to be told their "dad" did anything wrong or that he threatened to send their mom to jail for lies.

Gotta love Oklahoma "family values" ... Court style.  Next GOP candidate for The Handmaids Tale.

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