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Monday, March 5, 2018

IBM Whistleblower Talk Time

What a great post to kick off using as my social center, again.  I get to do a tell all about IBM, which I WASN'T going to do, but considering the last week...pull up a chair.

There is a reason I left IBM in 2016, after 3 years of working on one of the highest skilled desks in the organization (ONRR Federal and Indian Royalty Reporting for Marathon Oil).  I have relayed that part on here in various posts about how I was originally hired onto a 2 person desk and within 4 months was given sole responsibility for the desk.  Then, they brought me over time 2 others to train on the desk (both of which moved on to other organizations before completing training).  Then, after ONRR audits went from 4 in 6 months to 12 a month (due to an increase in ONRR auditors on staff), I was told that I was not going to get any more help but all the blame if anything was missed.  So...I left.

Then, this year, I came up to Tulsa, under unpleasant circumstances with my wife's ex, and I had to get a job...any job.  I had a few options, but I made what in hindsight was the wrong one.  I applied to IBM as a temp, thinking I would just have to do some little job, there, for 6 months, as the whole company was closing down by the end of July (as Marathon had pulled their contract from them...gee...wonder why).  Instead, I found myself back on the same desk, doing my old job.  And...get this...after I left, they split my desk out to 4 different people, saying that it was too much for one person to do.  Yet, upon my hire, they wanted to "consolidate" it back to being just under ME ...with no help...sound familiar? 

That was difficult enough to go back to that level of responsibility (at 20 thousand dollars less than they had paid  me for the same job a few years ago and temp so they don't have to pay benefits...uh huh..).  However, that was only the beginning of the decline.  First of all, I was being thrust out to answer the client for setups and reporting done in the last year (remember ...I had JUST started and this was not my work I was answering for) by managers that not only didn't answer for it to the client but didn't KNOW how ANYTHING was done on my desk.  After 18 months gone, I was at one month back the most knowledgeable person on staff...think about what that means. 

Then, I get into the last week of the month...the REPORTING period, where I take what has been booked and adjust it so it can pass ONRR ecommerce errors.  Suddenly, one person is on vacation that I could reference, and another retires.  The audit coordinator starts asking me to PERSONALLY come up with booked volumes for an auditor (when I am not a revenue accountant but solely reporting) and to do so OUTSIDE of the computer system.  When I object that this was unprofessional and against audit protocol for me to be doing it (no separation of duties), I am scolded and threatened to get it done.  I say that I will do so, but that March will be my last month.  However, I offer to train the replacement.

They take me up on the offer to train the replacement...or so I thought...which would make sense as NO ONE there knows how to do HALF of my job.  They thank me for sticking around, and I continue on to do all the account recons and payment on the audit rule violating PADs they had me make.

Then, after I did all that work, they call me ON MY WAY HOME to tell me they had decided I didn't have to come back in, since I had given them notice, and that today was my last day.

Ha.  Now, joke is on them, because, I don't WANT to be there and was only doing so for THEIR benefit.  I am certain the next month will be VERY interesting for them, as they asked me to do things OUTSIDE the system that was NOT written down in, they won't be able to account for them.  However, it cemented my desire to post this post.

If there are ONRR, client, or state auditors reading this, you should audit this company, because I saw MUCH more being done outside my desk that is ALSO shady and underhanded.  Good luck in your investigations.

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