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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Liberal Contributions - Alcohol

And, now to make sh*t really get serious for conservatives...ha.  The next liberal contribution to society is alcohol.

Right now, conservatives are angrily tapping their beer bottles and bourbon glasses on the tables in protest...what do you mean, whey would say...we DRINK ... a LOT.

Indeed.  Despite the founders of your religious order saying that drinking alcohol is a SIN (so says all Baptists, Falwell, and other evangelical leaders), conservative states sure do drink a lot of it...but what else is new.  Conservatives are USED to breaking their own commandments.

However, let's take a moment to consider where alcohol COMES from...


The biggest USA region that is known for alcohol is Napa Valley, California.  How did they vote in the most recent presidential elections....

Trump - 17,411
Clinton - 39,199

Hmm.. well, what beer...surely, beer will not let the conservatives, down.


Well...first of all, Budweiser is not an AMERICAN owned beer, which has to be a shock to all the America Only crowd.  So, they can start dumping their FOREIGN owned beer down the drain in protest, now.  But, then, if they are going to go for BETTER beer, they are going to be out of luck, as almost ALL the best beers in the world are foreign owned....foreign from countries that DESPISE Trump.  Most hard liquor is foreign based from these lands, too.

However, if we are going to talk about where Budweiser was founded in the 1800s and has a connection to the beer, here, it is St Louis, Missouri, which is only one of 3 counties in ALL of MISSOURI to defy the rest and vote for CLINTON.  Indeed, the company shocked the nation with it's courage to run IMMIGRANT founded beer commercials in a stunning rebuke of Trump, himself.

Alcohol has always been a friend of the liberals, and it was the CONSERVATIVES and more specifically EVANGELICAL base of the GOP that make drinking ILLEGAL in the past, and they would gladly do it, again, given the chance.

Why do I mention this?  Because, conservatives spend every day complaining about how LIBERALS are the source of all their problems....then, go home, and drink LIBERAL created ALCOHOL till they feel better...and enriching Democrats in the, drink up GOP.  CHEERS!

For the conservatives out there, if your evangelical and fascist GOP only leaders are successful in excluding our "evil" society from you, just keep in mind that you will be finding yourself walled into a conservative compound making your own moonshine and being judged by the very leaders for which you now cheer.  Good luck with that.

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