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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Liberal Contributions - Freedom of (or from) Religion

Imagine you lived in the 1600s and 1700s.  You fled your country, because they demanded you worship THEIR way.  Now, after a perilous journey, you reach the shores of the America colony.

Then, they tell you you must worship our Christian god and believe OUR way, and we are gonna put signs everywhere telling you what to believe.

Now...that didn't happen.  If it had, no one would have come.  The Republicans can claim they are trying to return this country back to colonialism, but even that is a lie.  The colonists wouldn't sign the Constitution, unless it provided for protection they could believe whatever they wanted without the government trying to establish a national faith.

Enter modern day GOP that establishes legal organizations like Pat Robertson and Jay Sekulow (also a Trump attorney) created ACLJ for the EXPRESS purpose of putting THEIR beliefs in every government institution and school.  They claim they want "freedom of religion" but, then, try to ban Muslims, attack witches, and require atheists to use money saying "in God we trust" and demand they pledge "under god."  

And the ONLY thing holding these back from their agenda to convert everyone, impose the old GOP no Sunday work laws, ban alcohol, proscribe one accepted version of sex and type of clothing and accepted reading material is liberals standing for your RIGHT to believe something else.

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