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Saturday, March 10, 2018

My Tulsa Liberal Diary - March 10, 2018

This is the first post of this series, focused on the life of a liberal in enemy territory (literally) in Tulsa, Oklahoma, after we were forced to move back here by an un-involved ex of my wife that failed to protest our move a few hours away (still not great area but better), even though he failed to object in the allotted time and was participating in the new arrangement..but decided he didn't like the idea of us living in a better place, and used the excuse of him HAVING to drive to get them (even though we offered to fly her to his town, so visits would be him driving to an airport the same distance as picking her up, here).

So, anyway, we are back in the OKLA...yay...not.  It's like nails on a chalkboard, daily, even though to THEM, it's normal (which gives some clue about what "normal" society for them would be for us all.  But, we have do deal with things like the following, from just this week...

...the corporate job I got upon moving back to Tulsa, IBM, asked me to break audit rules and make up data for an audit.  I refused to make up data, so they pushed me to pull the data from the next month's pending report, which I warned them would cause reconciliation and system issues.  However, I conceded and said that due to this I would be there a month at maximum.  They asked me to stay a month, and so I worked on the end of month payments and recons.  Two days later, the DAY I completed the recons and payments, they sent word AFTER I left from the day that that day was my last day.  Now, I was and am actually very happy that happened, as I didn't want to be there a single day, longer.  However, the fact that they dragged me on until I did the hard work was typical of this company.

...during the first day of driving I established the oldies stations that I wanted to listen to for my Ubering, and I LOVE the music.  Driving to music is version of heaven.  However, it has to be noted that one of the stations I hear runs a commercial for an Oklahoma company that touts their clothes for men line, saying... "When a man wears a suit, he should be the best version of's about knowing who the MAN is in the family."  No joke...that is literally running on the air, several times a day, here.

...this is a society of complainers.  I thought that BOSTON had the market on complaining for sport, but I am realizing, lately, that conservatives set the definition of what it means to be that way.  You hear them on Fox News, daily, and it has been that way for a decade at least...waaa waaaa waaaa....I don't have a job, so it is the IMMIGRANTS fault.  I have to pay taxes, so it is OBAMA's fault (forget that those taxes pay for social programs, because them having to pay for the poor is ANOTHER complaint.  It is a party of babies, and I get to hear their whining, wherever I go.  Just today, we were getting glasses for our two girls, and I had to hear (and observe) a woman stop us in the vision store to complain (without even knowing us) about the cost of the glasses.  Then, another walked by us, twice, complaining out load right in front of us about the long wait.  Then, as we were getting them fitted for the glasses, the woman working complained about not eating lunch, because another complained the call center had scheduled them too many appointments.  WAAAAA.  Babies.  How about...grow up and realize YOU MADE MONEY, TODAY.  If you don't like doing the job, leave.  So, to get away from that negative atmosphere, I went over to Reasors to get some food (a generally higher class grocery market that I usually avoid but went to, today).  As I was coming up to check out, first a woman cuts in front of me, starting a conversation with someone ahead of me and then putting her stuff in front of mine (like I said..shove my way in should be the Oklahoma motto).  Then, the man, behind me, complained that there was a checkout line open without his light on...."Well, THAT would have been nice to know," he said.

But, on the positive, we took our kids out to the local art museum, so I will end with this positive experience and advice.  If you are looking for some inexpensive thing to do with your kids, Philbrook Museum has a "second Saturday" event each 2nd Sat of the month,when it is FREE to of many free things to do, around town, that I would and will recommand in this post series.  We may have to endure conservative assholes, but we can at least decompress with wonderful things like this...

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