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Friday, March 16, 2018

No Mercy to Republicans (They Knowingly Chose Evil)

We just had a congressional race for a district in Pennsylvania for a district Trump won by 20 percent.  It appears, barring any changes, that the Democrat will be the next Representative.  And, that is the Democrat narrative.  It was the narrative DURING the campaign, as they ran on Democrat platforms.  Then, after the victory, it was the narrative after the race.  They was a good race, but the Democrat won, because they love Democrats.

Except.  It's NOT.  He WON, because the last GOP person to hold that seat had sex with someone and then PAID for them to get an abortion, while preaching that abortion was wrong.  So, why wasn't THAT what the race was about?  Because, the Democrats wanted to be fair and polite to the Republicans.  It wouldn't be NICE to talk about a man when he was down.

BULLSH*T.  This is the kind of response that KEEPS us having to DEAL with Republicans.  I don't want to be nice to Republicans...the ones preaching law.  The ones literally telling all others that they are going to burn in hell fire for their "sins," while feeling perfectly content with their own.

And, it is common.  No...not every Republican is banging somebody on the side and paying for abortions.  However, ALL of them voted .... KNOWINGLY ... for someone that has had MANY affairs and who is angry (which Jesus called murder) and who loves money (which Jesus said is the root of all evil).  They CONTINUE to support (as a party, not just congressmen) a man that is not a peacemaker but war lover.  They continue to support him, as he takes away the healthcare and food of the poor and aged.  They continue to support him, even though EVEN HE BRAGGED ABOUT HOW WELL HE LIES this week, when he talked about his meeting with a foreign power.

But, that is not the reason I think that they deserve no mercy...that they have as much or more sins in their belt than those they condemn.  It is BECAUSE this all STARTED when they condemned everyone else.  They may not like having the light of biblical condemnation put on them, but they have built an entire PARTY on using GOD to HATE and CONDEMN all others...others that GOD MADE.  The only reason we are TALKING about sin, is that THEY brought it up.  Before they did, we were and are ok with everyone doing whatever they want with their own body and lives.  However, THEY changed the tone by saying that we must live by a higher law and started pushing all others down with it.

So, no....I don't feel sorry for them that they look foolish and is an accurate depiction.  I don't feel bad pointing out how they morally failed by breaking their Scripture, INCLUDING how the President's son followed his dad's example to get a divorce and how that doesn't bother the evangelicals showing them to be hypocrites, because I went through a half DECADE of church condemnation for doing the same thing, and no one in the church came to MY defense.

These are false disciples of Jesus, even though they do it in his name...the name of the man that is famous for saying, let him without sin throw the first stone, but these evangelicals have not cared one whit what Jesus EVER said, and now they are being exposed on the world stage as frauds.

I not only hope they lose majority power, but I hope (and will help to bring about) their elimination AS A PARTY, completely...not because they did wrong but because they KNOWINGLY did wrong, defended it, and praised it.  We have had many parties disappear over the course of our nation's history, and it is time this party died, this decade, as the party of fascist, ahole, men who (as will be recorded in history) tried to impose their cult lifestyle on everyone in a country they intended to surround with walls, cut off from the rest of the world, and that woke up the country how far we have come from the land of the FREE and inspired us to become the home of the brave, once again.

1 comment:

  1. Ken, you have just said here everything I've been saying since that idiot was elected.


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