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Friday, March 16, 2018

Notice Repubs Don't Check With You Before Deciding For You?

One of the most infuriating things about dealing with conservatives is their elitist twist to portray everything they do as being FOR YOU, even though they never CHECK with you, first.  Then, if you disagree with them, you just don't understand yourself.

The duplicity of this party is absolutely astounding.  Remember this is the party that CLAIMED they were for state rights for decades.  Then, they get to national power and impose their values on EVERY state, even those that didn't VOTE for TRUMP and condemn those in those states that happen to be lesbian or gay or trans or liberal or socialist or pacifists or of another face color or faith choice...or female.

But, this is what they do.  That is why like half of Tulsa is blocked off with road construction, under Republican leadership.   They didn't care if the drivers had a hard time getting to work and are not really interested in HEARING about it, either.  They figured they knew what was BEST for ALL Tulsa, so they just did it.

This is like my recent chat I had with my ex-wife that I referenced in another post.  I don't talk to her, because I can't go ONE chat without her telling me how is best for me to live in my life in my house SIX YEARS after we were no longer married.  And, we are, now, living back in Tulsa, because of my wife's ex and a court that decided whether it was BEST for the kids to move 3 hours away for a 40 percent pay increase, even if we paid for flights for the kids to see the ex (they decided no...and so back we came).  No one even ASKED us...or the KIDS ... what WE wanted...only the man.

This FASCIST PRIDE needs to end that says someone not in my family can decide how best that family is run or if I can leave an abusive ex or whether someone can choose their own personality traits, clothing styles, or sexual preference.  The ONLY person who knows those things is the only one Republicans are not asking...the person themselves.

1 comment:

  1. They don't care what we want. They only care about the demands of their rich benefactors.


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