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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Oklahoma ...IM..morality by statistics

As I am finding myself FORCED by the state to live in Oklahoma, because my wife's ex was unwilling to drive to the AIRPORT in town to get his kid for weekends (at my expense) and filed lawsuit to drag us back here (still amazes me that a STATE can dictate where an adult that has broken no law can live... very Handmaid's Tale), I figured I would enlighten the rest of the world about the wonderful morals I have to experience, living in this religious mecca of Tulsa, commonly known in this town as the "holy city" due to having Oral Roberts University pressent, as well as many...many.. megachurches.  So...on with statistics...


Now...being divorced from a HORRIBLE person, myself, I do not see divorce as an evil act, but it is a symptom of evil present in the marriage that ONE or both had to escape.

So, when I read that Oklahoma has the THIRD highest divorce rate in the country, I am not surprised...only 2 places above Arkansas.  Honestly, I don't know why ANYONE would be married to a good ole boy out here that was probably drunk, when he got married, and spends more time away from his wife hunting, fishing, watching football, or at a BAR than with his wife.  Indeed, it is very much like The Man in High Castle depiction of a Nazi America, where the women gather together and send men off to do men things.  That LITERALLY is how most church groups happen in this's group...women's group.  No MARRIED groups.

And...what men says...goes.  So, when a woman wants to get divorced, both Oklahoma and Arkansas put a waiting period, before they can get it done, and YET they STILL have the highest rates.  That shows you how DESPERATE women are to get away from good old GOP state men.


And for good reason.  CNN reports that Oklahoma has the SIXTH highest rate of reported sexual assault in the nation, Arkansas falling one ahead at 5th, which does not surprise me.  Whether driving in traffic or anywhere else, the men in this state seem ONLY interested in themselves.  Women...after all in the church services are told that they should be obedient to their husband and are told by their same churches that they are not ALLOWED to leave an abusive relationship or go to HELL for it.  There is NO CHURCH TEACHING, however, in ANY EVANGELICAL church about the evils of neglecting or abusing your wife.


But, then, violence is a part of what it means to be Republican in Oklahoma, and they do it so well.  Oklahoma is the 10th most violent state by FBI statistics in 2014.  But, what do you expect, when one of the two state schools symbol is a man standing with two handguns in his hands pointed outward...OSU.


In 2016, the poverty rate INCREASED, even though the rest of the country got better, with 1 in 6 families living in poverty.  Showing the racism of the state, the poverty rate for black or hispanic families in Oklahoma was nearly 3 times that of white families.

However, despite the increase in number of those living in poverty, the number of those being approved for food stamp state assistance DECREASED. So, surely churches are picking up the slack?  Wrong.  In all my time in several churches in this area, I have not seen ONE local churches with a food bank or soup line or ANY poverty aid provided, at all.  Instead, I hear "christians" saying their poverty is evidence that they are not right with God and, therefore, deserves the poverty.

Gotta love OKLAHOMA MORALITY...ha.

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