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Friday, March 16, 2018

Ongoing Coup' at Trump White House (About Time)

I believe what we are seeing at the Trump White House is an attempted Coup D-Etat.  It's about time that it happened, but I am not praising any involved (who also need to be jailed).  They are just distancing themselves from a ticking time bomb coming from Mueller, and they knew what Trump was when they joined him.

Here's why I think this is happening.

First, Secretary of State Tillerson says Russia was behind the attack on the UK, and he learns from a Trump tweet on the way to work the next day that he is fired.  This would have triggered a "suicide pact" formed by Tillerson, Mattis, and Mnuchin that should one of them be fired the others would quit.  Just the fact that they FORMED such a pact not only shows how instable Trump is seen in the White House, but it shows all involved as being COMPLICIT in what they KNEW was happening, there.

The other two have not quit, but the fact that Trump fired his National Security Advisor McMasters for saying the same thing about Russia distracted the press from the 2nd action from the suicide pact.  The TREASURY department, on the same day, issued sanctions on 19 Russian entities involved in the Russian hacking of the election....which Trump has denied happening and a sanction order that does not mention Trump as issuing them.  And....who runs Treasury?  Mnuchin.

Meanwhile, so far, Sessions has refused to fire either Mueller, the special counsel or Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General that appointed Mueller.  However, this week Trump started floating plans to fire Sessions and replace him with someone who WILL fire the Russia-Trump investigator.  Seeing this coming down the pike, what is the Justice Department response?  Yesterday, they issued a subpoena for Trump Organization records related to Russia.  

Then, we have this by the Department of Homeland Security, saying that Russia hacked the power grid of the USA (another government document without Trump authorization or carrying his name.  DHS is formerly headed by John Kelly, the current Chief of Staff of Trump.  The Independent wrote an article, last year, that said Kelly and Mattis (the 3rd in the pact) have been so concerned about Trump that they made a personal agreement that one of them should always be in the USA to keep an eye on Trump.

There are two ways of looking at this, and both are true.  So far, the press has only jumped on the first of them, which is to say that Trump is paranoid and mentally instable and firing all his top staff to clear house in the manner of a North Korea dictator.  However, the OTHER side is what I am talking about here.  These previously loyal Trump officials that ate from his Lord's Table private retreats, where they have him his demanded divine adoration, are this almost a coordinated fashion, defying their own President to scream RUSSIA IS A THREAT, at risk of losing their own jobs (and potentially prison for complicity).

And, if even they are doing it at personal risk, you KNOW this ship has run its course for these greedy rich appointees, who are acting against their divine leader (and money bag), before Mueller starts knocking at their doors, too.

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