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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Pay Attention: Cambridge Analytica story is BIGGER THAN TRUMP

Having an insane President with his hand on the nuclear button and able to destroy people's lives and finances is definitely an important story.  Him firing his Secretary of State and NSA Chief for questioning Russia, confirming the President is under the influence of a foreign power is even more important.

HOWEVER, as I started digging into this Cambridge Analytica - Facebook story, it has taken precedence as the MOST IMPORTANT STORY IN THE NEWS NOW.  When I go through it, you will see.

Channel 4 News did an undercover expose (complete with hidden cameras and microphones) with Cambridge Analytica, acing like they were a potential client and wanted to hear about the company.  Click here for their news story...

What they discovered...

...Cambridge analytica claimed victory for the election of Trump, citing the popular vote loss as evidence that they did their job.
...Their system analyzed the personal data of private voters in swing states, and created crafted feeds just for them (more on this in a bit).
...They coordinated with campaigns, such as Trump's campaign, so that all the positive news went through official news, while the negative stories they wanted aired were fed into the internet feeds of group members they knew would run with the story (which in the story CA officials says it doesn't matter if they are true).  This allowed CA to state on the hidden camera that their work, then, would be "untrackable"...implying they KNOW they needed to hide it.
...CA employed both Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway....ever wonder what they had on the President to get those jobs...ding ding ding.. they helped him get HIS JOB as President.
...Steve Bannon is currently under investigation for receiving almost a million dollars from coordinating Superpac activities with the Trump campaign, violating election laws.

Now, two follow up notes.  One....other than Bannon, the other GOP figure that has intimately involved in the Cambridge Analytica is Ted Cruz.  HERE is an article about Ted behind legislation, last year, to make it legal for companies to take your browser history without telling you and selling it to others.  Now, I wonder why a CA funded politician would want to do that...hmmm...

Now, to get back to why it is important that FACEBOOK gave this data to CA, who used it in the election cycle and why it is illegal. 

Imagine that I was going to meet you and wanted to say just the right things to get you to buy my product.  So...I BREAK INTO YOUR HOUSE and rifle through your photos and papers, so I would know what you watch, what you read, what you owe, and who you like.  THEN, I take that info and "meet" you for the first time, saying what I know will sway you to accept my offer. 

Now...THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID IN THE ELECTION.  FACEBOOK is your house of interests, and they gave that to this analytic firm that, under the direction of the campaigns, created ads that they knew would influence you.  Then, they used Russian hackers to put those stories in your feel...crafted JUST FOR YOU by your manipulate you to vote just how they wanted you to vote.

No wonder they claim they gave Trump the election.  They did.  If we keep just focusing on the putz in the White House, we will have missed the machine that PUT HIM THERE and can do it, again...over and over.

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