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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The GREED of MAGA in a World of Humans in Need

I wanted to address something that I think goes overlooked in the discussion of Trump's Make America Great Again campaign.  The Democrat leaders like to point to the fact that America has already BEEN great, under Obama.  Under his admif pnistration, unemployment was cut in half, debt was cut, GDP rose, and we didn't have to decrease healthcare...increased it in fact.

However, what I want to focus on is the idea that America being GREAT in the midst of the WORLD in NEED would BE a great thing at all. 

It makes perfect sense that RICH people in this country that build great mansions and large churches in the midst of poor communities without helping them (Republicans) would be on board with the idea of building a BIG COUNTRY, as well. 

But...I'm coming back to that poor community around their mansions and church buildings.  Can it REALLY be seen that we are in any sense of humanity GREAT when our brothers and sisters around us are living in poverty and dying from lack of FOOD?

I mean, seriously...isn't that the POINT of why churches used to run mission trips to poor countries to bring them food or help them with water?  Has Evangelicals MATURED beyond the compassion to help the least of these? 

There was a time that I was working at one of my jobs, and I had JUST told the group that I was struggling to make it to the next payday, and one of the other men in the group (later in a conversation with someone else about something else) says, "Yeah...I always carry a few hundred dollars in cash in my wallet, just in case."  He was LITERALLY standing 2 feet behind me holding out hundred dollar bills as evidence.  How do you think that made me feel?

Well, THAT is how the rest of the world feels when Trump touts how RICH he is and how GREAT the country would be, while saying that his mission is to close our border and make sure that NO ONE else gets ANY of our money.

This is the attitude of the rich land owners in Ireland (and other lands), before the poor rose up and burned their houses down, and I expect that is EXACTLY what the rest of the world would do, if we tell them to eat dust, while Trump and his crowd eat caviar...and maybe, that is EXACTLY what we deserve.

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