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Friday, March 23, 2018

Who is to Blame for cuts, wars, guns, and Trump? GOP VOTERS!

Ok...gonna go off page and vent about the REAL threat to our country.  It is not Trump.  He is just the current dckhd leader they put there.  It is the GOP VOTERS.  It is not deemed proper or acceptable to say, but consider the past...

Trump and GOP Congress - cutting healthcare, cutting poverty aid, making rich richer, making alliances with foreign dictators using ends justify the means reasoning, closing foreign trade crashing the market and economy, amping up for multiple wars, making it a PRIORITY to cut funding for the arts and tell people what bathroom to use, forcing Christianity upon the entire population, restricting freedom of speech, etc. 

BUSH 2 - Started a war with Iraq based on false premise of alliance with Al Queda and WMD (evidence of neither found), launched multiple wars around the world, did away with due cause for privacy violations in OUR country, set up torture prisons, crashed the economy in 2008, cut funding for the arts, etc.

BUSH 1 - Started a war with Iraq based on the false premise of WMD (also never found to be used), had to bail out housing and banks from crashing, etc.

Notice that in both of the Bush administrations, simply POSSESSING a WMD (or the suspicion of it) was reason to fight a multiple year war with the country.  Then....RUSSIA USES THEM IN A NATO COUNTRY TO ASSASSINATE SOMEONE...and Trump has not even spoke against them or called them out on it.  Indeed, he ignored his OWN STAFF's NOTES that told him not to congratulate them and did THAT in the phone call, instead...and STILL didn't mention the nerve agent attack.

And, so...this brings me to this post.  I don't want to focus this on Trump or the GOP leaders...they are aholes..and have been the WHOLE TIME.  I want to focus this condemnation on the GOP voters that put them there...

...the GOP voters that said a one time affair by Clinton was reason to impeach him but doesn't care about 19 women and Trump.
...the GOP that screamed about the deficit under Clinton and Obama, but in the FIRST YEAR of having power added over a TRILLION to our national debt.
...the GOP that condemned Obama for failing to release a birth certificate (until he did) but has NO PROBLEM with Trump refusing to release tax returns.
...the GOP that demanded any involvement in the investigations in the 90s by Clinton would be met with charges, but they don't care at ALL when Trump FIRES his own Attorney Generals multiple times for the explicit reason of stopping the investigation and fires his own Secretary of State and NSA director for saying Russia was a security threat.

Trump is evil.  He is an immoral man that rules by sin and subversion to a foreign power.  At this point, we all know this.  We also know the GOP Congress is bought and sold by rich people to make them richer at the expense of the poor.

HOWEVER, the PEOPLE that put them there...the EVANGELICAL Right that is SUPPOSED to follow their own commandments to love and at the very least NOT LIE are the BASE that allows all of this to happen.

One day, they will meet their makers and hopefully burn in their own fire, but until then, I will make it a mission in my life to not only see no republicans in power but that they are exposed for the EVIL, SELFISH, POWER driven, warmongers and Christofascists that they are.  THEY...not Trump...bear the PERSONAL responsibility for EVERY evil their elected leaders have done.

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