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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Still Figuring It All Out

So...last week's online products was a bust.  I was pretty sure those would take off, but it looks like I would have to drop the price to cost just to unload them.  It doesn't mean I won't sell online...I still like that idea.  It just means I haven't figured our the things that work....yet.

Watching Girlboss on Netflix, last night, there was one line that applies, here.  The series is the loose retelling of the life of Sophia Amoruso, as she built her business.  As she was wandering the town in pursuit of her business name, the guy she was with asked her a question, and she said..."I don't know...I'm still figuring it all out, man."

That's kinda where I am in my career transition, right now.  I don't know.  I DO know I HATE where I was, before....sacrificing my health and happiness for the corporate profits of those that couldn't care less about that or me.  And, I DO know I LIKE the things I am trying, which is an improvement.  As to what the outcome will be, that is up in the air.  It may be teaching full or part time (if in conjunction to other things). It may be Uber full or part time.  Hell, I may even get a movie theater job ..still feeling it out.  

However...and this is the banner ad said that I added after my last blog, "Not all those thar wander are lost."  I have, personally, never been more found.  So" thanks for the patience to see where that leads.

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