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Monday, May 21, 2018

Do Not Drive for Uber - Testimony

I am moving all political posts to so as to make this blog focused on making personal and relationship choices toward happiness (will promote my Forward to Happiness book soon on here).  Some of those choices is to leave those that take advantage of you.

Today...that focus is on Uber.

I chose Uber, because I like the idea of helping people.  Plus, between my health issues and my wife's back issues, I need something that gives me the flexibility to take care of housework (which I enjoy doing as well being feminine).  So...the flexibility of driving drew me to Uber.

HOWEVER, aside from the negative of making little from very ungrateful people in Tulsa through hell's traffic, I find myself having to protest Uber, itself, often.  

Here is the most recent example.  Yesterday, I was given a multiple delivery from one location...two orders from one IHOP with 2 deliveries.  However, the total payout for 45 minutes of my time on this order was just over 5 dollars.  When I looked at the details, it was abt 1 trips worth pickup and dropoff fees.  Here is snapshots of the conversation that followed with Uber..

So... They took a "batch discount" from what they paid me that resulted in my making less for 2 trips than if I had a single trip.  

I am not sure what the discount would be based on, anyway.  I still had to pickup both orders and drop them off, and it is not like they gave a discount to the customer... So, both customers paid a fee but only one went to the driver.

This is not the first conflict I have had with Uber, including not getting paid for trips at all that disappeared from the list and was only added back, after I protested.

Further, last month, I got an email from Uber explaining that they were increasing a fee on the customer but that it would not reduce what we get as drivers....except, if the customer pays more but we get none of that fee our percentage of the total fee goes DOWN.

Uber doesn't care for it's drivers.  Avoid driving or using this company, if at all possible.

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