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Sunday, June 3, 2018

When You Can't Leave pt 2 - SHINE ANYWAY

This will be part 2 to my last post on...what do you do when you can't escape?  As I said, there, the best way to deal with narcissists and users is to NOT deal with them.  Get away.  However, sometimes, you find yourself unable to get away, either from your inability to fund your escape is the case with my wife and her kids vs her ex..they won't LET YOU GO out of their control.  

So, my first solution is to call them out on it and be public and make yourself a very bad taste in their mouth.  However, it can't just be about rebellion or bitterness.  It needs to be about YOU and happiness.

Today, as I sat on my bed reading the Tulsa World newspaper with my wife, I noted publically on my Instagram and Twitter that not EVERYONE in Tulsa is a racist, homophobic ahole, when I highlighted the LGBTQ  pride parade that was held in Tulsa.

Now, the parade was very small, the newspaper mentioned how those in it were scared to speak up in this town, and I had to loudly sigh from reading the names of the "king" and "queen."  So, even those that support the movement don't really ...GET IT...that there doesn't need to BE a man and a woman.  Having a King and Queen at an LGBTQ parade kinda undercuts the entire POINT of the parade.

But, I applaud them for shining, and that is the point of this second post.  Sometimes, you can't help WHERE you have to be, but only YOU have the power to decide WHO you are.  They may not like that you are that way, but you shouldn't have to hide indoors out of fear of violence or rejection.  ONLY by getting out there will you be able to identify others in the culture's minority to start building a REAL communion with others that respect you for being yourself.

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