Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Evil of Testosterone (in both MEN and WOMEN)

I have realized something that I bet every doctor knows and every scientist but have been afraid (or unwilling) to say.  Testosterone is the cause of the destruction of society.  Here's why..

I was born a man, and I ... unfortunately ... live in a man's body, even though I have been able to suppress that portion of my body's effect to be more at peace with who I want to be.  However, it has not been an easy process, and I still face the damaging effects of living in this body. 

Even after I left my past of feeling I had to measure up in the dick contest of income production and things (and other ways), I still dealt with that past instinct coming back again and again.  Each time, it would produce new problems.  For example, I would MENTALLY be happy with being at home, but I would FEEL like I was failing by not making more money, even if I had physical limitations on being able to do so.  In fact, those limitations only served to make me feel MORE like a failure.

Indeed, even though I was happy to take on the role of housekeeper as my wife increased her work load, I was depressed at not having RECOGNITION or ACHIEVEMENTS on which to hang my sense of self worth.  But, here's the thing... that is a MASCULINE void I was trying to feel... i.e. Testosterone.

Then, for the last few months, I have been ok with everything.  I was happy to just be at home, and I moved closer and closer to being who I like to be with only random periods of self esteem issues.  Then, something happened, yesterday.  I missed my Statin dose ... a Cholesterol lowering drug that 1 in 4 over 40 takes.  As the day went on, I became more irritable and defensive and feeling more and more like a failure.  Then, I took it, today, and everything is rosy, again.

So, I googled.  As it turns out, Statins block TESTOSTERONE, as well, accounting for their calming effect.

Now... stop and think about that for a minute.  The makers of the drugs and the medical community, as a whole, designed a drug to help you lower your blood pressure and artery risk, and it blocks the hormone associated with being a man.

This makes sense.  Think about it.  What do we associate with being manly...

...Donald Trump's anger, pussy grabbing, locker talk, affairs, etc.
...NFL and other sports ATTACKS of players on each other, as men cheer.  In Roman times, it was fights before a crowd.
...using and abusing women.
...greed of having a lot of things.

So, being a man decreases your lifespan (which it does) because you are pumped full of a chemical that is literally KILLING you.

Honestly, if I could cut those parts off, I think I would live a healthier and happier life, not just for being in a body I would like but because I wouldn't be led to self-destruction.  However, even if I were a woman, it would still be a problem...ONCE a MONTH.  Ha.  Each month, estrogen drops and testosterone becomes more prevalent.  What do we know about this period...it is when they are HOSTILE and IRRITABLE, and this increases once they enter menopause, which is why women become more hairy and irritable, as they get older.

So, conclusion.  Testosterone is the source of the ills of both society and families, and we would be much better off if we acknowledge it and block it.

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