Saturday, October 6, 2018

Buy My Personal Freedom, Magic, Evangelical Critique, and Fiction Books

I had taken down my witchcraft book for a few months, while I was determining which direction I was going to go with the site and the books.  However, I have decided to put Godwitch back up and Free 2 B Me.  I have added a new cover to the 2nd one.

For those that don't know, my original witchcraft book was Godwitch, and it focuses on the intersection of faith and magic.

However, it was very limited and lacked as much practical application.  So, I wanted to expand it to include a practical application section, but I wanted to also expand the WHY portion and the threat of Evangelicals to the craft...having been an evangelical minister in the past to know.

So, the end result is Free 2 B Me:  Journey From Evangelical Accountant to a Christian Witch...

And, this book also brought together my witchcraft site and the personal freedom and political posts from

When choosing the price, I chose the lowest available for the benefits I felt each should have.  The first book, which is much smaller, is a $0.99 cent book; however, I chose to make Free 2 B Me an Amazon Select Book that would qualify for Kindle Unlimited, have the ability to read it for FREE.  How?  Right here...

Now, I personally love the Kindle Unlimited service for the ability to read unlimited magazines and books for just 10 bucks a month.  However, you can sign up, above, and read ALL of my books for free in your trial month, as well as other books.

Oh, and when I say ALL of my books, I mean not only these but the fiction books I write under my feminine penname, Kimberly Clifton.  Here are those books, as well.  Enjoy.

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