Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Accomplishments

So, doing the end of year accomplishments post after the New Years resolutions post, but here goes...

I thought I would take the time to list the things we accomplished in the course of this year.  I say...WE accomplished, because it was through no shortage of hard work, AGAINST negative winds that we faced.  I have no problem thanking God for things by his hands, but ....every good thing that we accomplished this year (against evil tidings and attacks) can be tied to effort and actions on our part, directly. 

So, in the year where we had to face near homelessness due to my wife's ex, physical limitations due to blood pressure and injury, apartment landlord aggression at our prior location, employment abuse by IBM, and theft by my ex of thousands of dollars of my VA money, we DID still accomplish the following...

1.  Coming from living in a motel, after being forced to relocate by my wife's ex, we are ending the year living in a house in a good neighborhood, which happened our of frustration with months of friction by the landlord at the apt into which we moved and many many contacts about houses to find this one and using the savings we had earned by the sale of my car and my wife's increasing income.

2.  To that house, we have added a couch, a recliner, two shelving units, a microwave, a coffee maker, pans, a washer/dryer on payments, and used excess funding to pay for school uniforms, school supplies for the new year, a Christmas tree, and presents for everyone's birthday, anniversary, and Christmas.

3.  I left corporate accounting, permanently, after multiple workplaces with huge ethical and legal problems and employment abuse, which allowed me to assume the feminine personality and family role that fits me well and of which I have experience...spent 8 years homeschooling my oldest and taking care of the house from 2001 to 2010.  I don't think I would have had the courage to step away into what I wanted to do, had those workplaces not been THAT bad.  However, after the last few years with work and ex issues (both sides), I have reached the point of not caring what ANYONE has to say about it, anymore.  Just going to live my life happy, now.

4.  Since the family's income dropped, we are now ALL on Medicaid with the state, and I have VA coverage for my blood pressure and cholesterol with free medication.  So, we no longer have stress over what may happen and the deductibles to be paid, as we qualify for free care thanks to the healthcare system that Obama setup.  With our income level, this will not be being lost any time soon.

5.  We are stable.  After years of not knowing what is next, we have a home, and I look forward to keeping it looking nice, adding a garden, and fully filling into my role, and the kids can relax knowing this is where we will be living for many many years to come (until we are legally allowed to leave upon the kids growing out of custody agreements).

So, it was a rough year with many challenges.  However, we overcame them, and 2019 looks like a very good improvement over even this year.  Looking forward to many more years to come.

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