Sunday, December 30, 2018

2019 Beginning Retirement / Homekeeping Full Time

I have made a major decision with regards to my workload and home life.  I put it on this blog, which I am reviving for exactly the same purpose.  When I created Forward to Happiness it was about leaving the pressures of a life you lived for others and seeking your own happiness, and that is the point of this blog.

First, a quick summary of the last year.  For the last several years, I have been leaving the high tension and low personal reward culture of corporate accounting.  I successfully transitioned into Uber/Lyft work, but it became too much for my body to I learned my blood pressure was way too high, and my back was having spasms.

I tried freelance writing, but order to make that work, I had to be working long hours and for very little pay....indeed, even including  my textbroker writing work, my per hour would work out to less than minimum wage and was causing as much physical strain as my old job, leading me back to not only the same spasms and ailments as Lyft but has caused me to not have enough time to take care of the home needs that I DESIRED to be doing.  Indeed, I have been putting in like 50-60 hours a week into writing, blogging with affiliate marketing focus, book promotion, and so on...and netting less than a dollar an hour profit from all of that, while the house needs failed from my lack of time for them.

We do not need my money to pay bills with my loving wife succeeding at her work.  THEREFORE, I have decided to end all of my writing or affiliate related jobs (already deleted those blogs and accounts).  I will continue with Swagbucks, Mturk, and other low income but low stress activities.  However, my focus on my life and my blog will be living the feminine, homemaker life that I now live for the good of the family.  See it as being retired (which I have earned with my long life) or being the at home woman without a job (needed in our situation), but I am done from this point forward.  This blog and the kclivinghappy profiles will be the only ones I maintain and will only be our happiness.

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