Friday, January 4, 2019

New Vision for 2019 and Beyond

Ok.  I overreacted to the end of year post saying that I was ending all income production activities in 2019 and focusing on housekeeping and retiring.  The reason I did it was my Devil card (Tarot).  The Devil card in Tarot is the addiction card, and I have had it surface in my readings right before I got addicted to some pursuit of an income production idea to the exclusion of my own desires.... going to an extreme.  Then, I would pull back to those things that I DO want … family, fun, happiness.  Unfortunately, this is something with which I will continue to struggle, after a lifetime of being told that making money is the ultimate gauge of success for everyone.  That is not true, but the alternative is not fulfilling, either.  There should be a balance.

SO.. I am not deleting my earlier post, so you can see the reality of the life in which I am faced and my role within my family and personality.  However, I am NOT ending income production ideas.  That said, I am already in the midst of revising WHICH of those options I will be using.  

Life is not a destination.  It is a journey.  Every major company that succeeds does so because it is always researching, revising, and changing.  So, there will be no FINAL form for my business.... just new versions.

SO, here is my Ken 2.0 version for 2019 for my blog and financial activities.  I undeleted though it will be revised and improved.  

I am testing out many...many...income production activities and that list will keep growing.  I will keep a running total over the year of the totals I have earned from all of them (and links so you can join the fun).  I will still do affiliate marketing, but I am leaving Amazon for other sites that are more unique.  

Just like sites that track someone's fitness and change over time, I invite you to follow along this journey of myself on this blog and bootyfinancial, which will track not only my changing finances but wardrobe, appearance, romance with my lady, and more.

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