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Beautifully and Wonderfully Made - Divinely LGBTQ

My newest book is now available on Amazon as an Ebook for $0.99 & paperback $7.99. I present to you Beautifully and Wonderfully Made - Divinely LGBTQ.  Get yours HERE (ebook) or HERE (paperback).

The idea that being LGBTQ is so widely condemned is so pervasive that the discussion BEGINS with someone having to argue that they are not EVIL or PERVERSE, simply for their interests and emotions driving them. We have even established and accepted many labels to HOW this happened or what to do, if you have these differentiations.

It is a bizarre standard that is UNIQUELY applied to this area of society, apart from all other similar choices. No one asks what a parent did or what genes exist that makes someone a Packers fan, and those fans are DEFINITELY different than other fans…ha.  

No one spends hours in counseling to determine how to live in a world where everyone around you is of a different political party. Indeed…I am in that situation, now. The vast majority of my current town is Republican, while I am Democrat. We think differently. We value different things. We ENJOY different things. They enjoy sports and boobs and conflict (video games or military), while I enjoy romance and art and caring for the poor that they defund. Yet, NO ONE calls this a condition from which I must be cured, and if they DID it would be fascism.

I have another difference from them, as well. I hold these interests, while being in a male body which is perhaps the greatest threat to their mentalities. This society declares THIS to be how MALE bodies think and do, while they declare THAT as being what FEMALE bodies must do. Being interested in these things disrupts that worldview, and their mental supports come crashing down, if they allow it.

I remember telling my wife’s friends one time about the ballet that we had gone to, and the man at the table replied by saying something along the lines of “I had to endure one of those things one time” and expressed sympathy for me. I didn’t condemn him for it, and it was not new to me. My whole life I have been told by all those around me…either explicitly or implicitly by their expectations…that in this body I must PRETEND to be male against my true interests or I am not only defying society but GOD HIMSELF.

As I matured and grew and studied, I learned that this was indeed false. My study in the Bible and religion showed me that not only is God favorable to the choices of LGBTQ people, but He is opposed to those that condemn them.

I have been blogging for several years, and I have touched on this subject from time to time, as well as many other important related concepts to benefit those in the LGBTQ community. I wanted to gather several, here, from which you can draw comfort and inspiration, as well as pieces from several other of my works under my name and my penname (Kimberly Clifton).

So, I present to you this book for you to put on your shelf and pull down from time to time to read and remember that you were “beautifully and wonderfully made” to be LGBTQ, and God is most happy when you let both His Creation as made to be but your love shine through.

Table of Contents 
-Gender Stereotypes and Identity
-Be Who You Want To Be
-Don’t Ignore Your True Gender for Others
-Freedom Is A Choice You Make For Yourself
-No One Else Can Be You ( Perspectives)
-Not Everyone Will “Get” You
-Finding Your Style
-Having a Healthy SEX Life
-You Will Never Be Good Enough For Your Critics – Stop Trying
-Lesson to My Daughter on Bullies and Life
-Divine Disbelief in the Evangelical Christian
-Follow Your Bliss

Sample from Free 2 B Me (Political Commentary)
Sample from He Said What? (Lesbian Romance)
Sample from Merry Christmas, Holly and Noelle (Lesbian Erotica)
Sample from Radio Free Diatria (Hetrosexual Conspiracy Romance)
Sample from Shhh…Lessons Learned in My Fall From Grace
Sample from Godwitch (Intersection of Faith and Magic)

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